Coaching Success Story: Vanessa’s Dream Creative Career Manifested!

I wrote a blog post last week about my client Aldana’s manifestation success story. She shared it with me on her recent visit to the city and I was so happy to hear about her powerful manifestation!

If you’re feeling stuck in your job or career life, check out her story for inspiration on how she manifested her dream job in her hometown Almaty!

Go here to read the Soul Collective coaching success story.

Vanessa’s Dream Creative Career Story

My coaching sessions with Vanessa were so magical and special for many reasons.

We did our sessions in mystical Bali – at cafes and on Bali beaches. Vanessa is very spiritual and self-aware. She’s also an empath and this made our sessions unfold with great alignment and flow.

You can read Vanessa’s own words about her experience getting coaching with Soul Collective here.

Today, I’m sharing updates about Vanessa’s magical manifestations.

Since our coaching sessions in the summer of 2019, Vanessa was constantly sharing different artistic projects that she’s doing on her socials.

Right after our coaching, she started getting small projects. This goes back to the NLP timeline work that we did together to help her release any limiting beliefs and unprocessed negative emotions.

With a coaching style that blends NLP concepts and tools, spirituality and the law of attraction, Vanessa’s was able to embrace her inner artist and feel confident about monetizing her talents.

Creative Career Success

Vanessa’s story is truly remarkable, because with each social media update she shares, she’s getting to the next level in her creative career journey.

When I coached Vanessa, she used to paint in the comfort of her home and dream about getting paid for her artistic gifts.

She was very talented but lacked the confidence it takes to make her dream creative career a reality.

Today, I’m happy to share Vanessa’s latest mural project – artwork for a Bali bakery. The project was so big that she got two friends to support her!

Vanessa was always talented and highly gifted. What changed after our coaching was her self-worth and confidence with her artistic skills.

Her powerful breakthrough came because she released her limiting beliefs and feelings of not being good enough.

I can tell you that this is only the beginning of her powerful journey of owning her true self and inner creative.

I’m so grateful that I could support such a lovely and beautiful soul. She truly is a wonderful and genuine soul.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a career that you don’t enjoy or want to make a big career shift but lack the confidence, get in touch to book a coaching package with Soul Collective.

My one-on-one coaching for June is open and I have limited spots for online and in-person coaching.

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