Celebrate the Real You and Manifest Fast!

I’ve been MIA for a couple of days because I was busy with a tourist visa application process.

Although I had plans to travel since early this summer, the fact that my passport requires a visa for Europe meant that I had to wait for an appointment.

I also changed destinations a couple of times. Back and forth between two different European countries.

And since the rules are constantly changing, I’m staying updated by checking the news daily. My trip is now in October.

I’ll reveal the destination and share pictures when I travel in October. So stay tuned! It will be my first trip to that country and I’m so excited! I’m still waiting to get the tourist visa so it’s not confirmed yet.

Release Resistance Towards your Manifestation

I knew that I’m no longer attached to manifesting a partner once I replaced a piece of paper with dating rules that I wrote as a reminder for myself with the slip for my visa application details.

My focus these days shifted 180 degrees from manifesting a partner to traveling and exploring the world!

I spent so many evenings scripting my travel plans and hotel choices. Of course I keep making changes as my plans change.

And although I didn’t leave Dubai since early March of 2020, I’m enjoying daydreaming about my trips, bookmarking travel articles and just focusing my energy on that aspect of my life.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on finding love. In fact, this is how you can attract love faster – by releasing resistance and allowing life to unfold naturally.

Are you in that stage of the soulmate manifestation process? Are you surrendering to the process and trusting that you will manifest your person at the right time? Or are you clinging on and trying to force things to happen in a certain way and by a specific timeline? Don’t worry if you are, because I lived in that energetic place for as long as I can remember.

It takes a lot of inner work to get to the ‘surrender’ phase of the manifestation process. But I can tell you that it feels really good to live from this place.

Celebrate Manifesting the Small Stuff

Did you know that manifesting the small stuff is the first step to mastering the law of attraction?

Let me give you an example. This morning, I came to work from a Starbucks that I just discovered.

It’s a newly opened store – about seven months old. And it’s not too far from my place. Although I have to take a cab – or possibly metro in the winter – to get here.

The reason I can say that I manifested this place is because of the following:

  • It’s new and spacious. Social distancing is applied and there’s a good distance between the tables.
  • There’s a medium-sized grocery store in the same building – perfect for getting groceries for lunch and other supplies.
  • There’s a print shop in the same building, for when I need to print travel-related documents.
  • It’s considered quiet here – compared to other busy stores. So it’s good for remote work.
  • I get to buy my ‘Java’ coffee beans for my coffee machine. Which I decided that I want to try just two days ago.

When you celebrate manifesting the small stuff, you attract the big stuff like a healthy and loving relationship with so much ease.

What small thing did you manifest lately? Let me know in the comments!

Celebrate the Real You to Manifest Faster

The main thing that I wanted to share with you which I just realized lately is that when you find and embrace your true self, you naturally feel happier and vibrate higher.

These days, I prefer to visit off-the grid places and cafes. Although I knew this element about my personality from before, I wasn’t really applying it in my daily life.

So I would just go to places which are convenient for me to get to by cab or metro.

What I now do is entirely different. I now go to places and cafes that resonate with my alternative personality. Off-the-grid spots that are the complete opposite to the mainstream.

I used to think that these places don’t really exist in a place in Dubai. But I was wrong.

I now discovered these places and I feel so empowered when I visit them.

And I don’t mean underground spots. Just off-the-grid. Like I still go to Starbucks cafes to work from on my laptop.

But instead of going to a Starbucks that’s located somewhere in Jumeirah, I would go to a store that’s not popular and that’s in an office building. You know, that kind of thing.

I want to know what did you discover about your personality lately? And how are you embracing the real you?

All I can say is that when you get to this stage, you naturally feel good and happy.

You are the Universe. You are Powerful and you can Manifest anything that you Desire.

Happy Manifestation Monday!

Manifest fast

Embrace the real you and manifest fast

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