Celebrate Eid Al Adha in Your Unique Style: Embody Your Individuality

I haven’t written any new blog posts this week because I’ve been busy preparing for my Bali move.

I’m almost done shopping for a few things and gifts for my friends in Bali. Just waiting for some online deliveries.

Soon, I’ll have to start packing to decide which suitcases to use. I also have a few admin things to do.

I wanted to wish Eid Al Adha Mubarak to those celebrating. Although I was raised Muslim, I’m now spiritual and don’t celebrate any religious holidays.

Yesterday, I went to the mall for some shopping and a nice lunch. I wanted to share this to inspire you to do whatever feels right. You don’t have to follow any societal or cultural traditions. And that’s the beauty of finding your true self.

When you align with that authentic, true self, everything makes sense, and life feels great.

These days, I remember a small conversation with a woman who attended one of my meetup events.

She asked me: “What are your plans for Eid?”

Since I don’t follow public holidays and do my own thing, I had to ask her for the dates for this upcoming Eid holiday.

She expressed surprise when she discovered I’m Muslim and asked me (a Christian) for the Eid holiday dates!

I feel comfortable and confident in who I am – mainly because I’ve done so much inner work to shed the layers of family and societal conditioning. Being me and doing what I feel like doing feels liberating.

Instead of pretending to celebrate Eid, I went shopping at the mall, had lunch and got some groceries.

This is how I wanted to spend my day, and it didn’t matter whether there was a religious holiday going on or not.

We all deserve to live in a way that feels aligned and resonates with our true selves. No one should follow traditions or norms they don’t honestly believe in.

I wanted to share that for today’s Thursday Thoughts blog post.

I wish you a peaceful Eid Al Adha, whether you celebrate this Muslim occasion or not.




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