Best Manifestation Tips: Clearing the Cache and Why it’s Important

Today’s manifestation tip is an advanced one, like most of the tips that I share on this blog.

It’s also related to the topic that I covered in this blog post.

If you asked me about the single thing that I regret doing in my dating and soulmate search journey, I would say it was entangling my energy.

I explain this concept in the blog post about this manifestation mistake here.

Basically, this means engaging in harmless chats or the extreme: toxic relationships or dating experiences.

Of course, these negative dating experiences are also part of our life path. They are lessons that our soul needed to learn to grow.

At the same time, growing up in a toxic home and made to feel not good enough all contributed to these bad dating experiences.

Best Manifestation Tips: What can you do to Clear the Cache

Clearing the cache means avoiding entangling your energy with toxic people and specifically men.

This also means that you don’t just have random chats with random people than you know don’t share your dating purpose.

I’ll be honest and say that if you’re entangling your energy and your physical body with these toxic men, then the clearing will take more time and be more complicated.

I personally stopped checking dating apps sometime in March or April. And I deleted the only dating app profile that I had on my phone about a month ago. But I wasn’t logging in at all since around early April.

Clearing the cache creates space for the kind, honest and intentional men to show up in your life.

By avoiding entangling your energy with so many random people, you make space for new things to come into your life.

You will also feel like because you’re now vibrating at a totally different and new energy, you’re no longer a match to these toxic men that are either on the apps or offline.

How to Decide if you Should be on the Dating Apps

My advice would be is to first script your soulmate list and be clear about the traits that you’re looking for in a partner.

Once you have that list and a crystal clear profile of the type of man that you want to manifest, think about whether he would be using dating apps or not.

I personally am looking for someone classy and sophisticated. This type of man that I’m manifesting is not spending his free time swiping on free dating apps.

I’m using a different way to meet compatible matches and I would like to keep it confidential for now.

So you can decide for yourself if you want to keep using dating apps or not. It’s also about how you feel when using them.

If they make you feel hopeless about finding a match, then that’s the energy that you’re putting out to the Universe and it’s not going to fast-track the manifestation process at all.

Why Trusting the Process is Important when Clearing the Cache

Because all of the law of attraction tips that I share are connected, I want to refer to this post about trusting the process.

The reason why most women are on dating apps (and I used to be one of them for around four and a half years) is that they’re not tuned into their intuition.

When you’re not seeing any signs about your soulmate life and are not taking inspired action, then being on the apps becomes the only way that you’re taking action. It also means that you’re not trusting that the Universe will deliver your man to you in the way that’s best. And when you’re constantly swiping, it means that you’re living from a place of fear and doubt.

This is why it’s important to do the inner work to first release your limiting beliefs around your worth and value. Then, recognize your dating patterns and shift them by acting differently. And developing your intuition so you can start noticing the messages and clues that the Universe is sending your way.

I would say that releasing all the past energy entanglements and protecting my energy made me receive even more powerful signs and messages about my soulmate life.

My Best Manifestation Tips

Life is so magical for me these days as I follow the signs with inspired action.

It feels so good to know my worth and value and to be selective with who I choose to give my energy to.

The only I got to where I am today is by doing the deep inner work and spiritual growth that I can guide you with in my one-on-one coaching sessions. I’ll be re-launching my coaching services this January, but until then, subscribe to the Soul Collective newsletter and get a free guide on attracting synchronicity and manifesting with ease.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on this topic and let me know if you feel ready to clear the cache to make space for your healthy and loving relationship.

best manifestation tips

best manifestation tips

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