This Manifestation Mistake Could Be Slowing Down your Manifesting

I’m someone who regularly does digital detoxes and intentionally unfollows social accounts or Facebook friends that are no longer aligned with my true self.

For someone who’s constantly releasing the old energy and evolving, this task comes naturally. I’ve been consistently doing it for decades.

What I want to share with you today is how this relates to manifesting a partner and a healthy relationship.

What does Entangling your Energy Mean?

When you connect with someone in real life or online, you’re investing a lot of your energy and time with that other person.

If you’re an empath like me, you will also unconsciously pick up their energy and start to feel their emotions as if they were yours.

Engaging with healthy, supportive people can really lift you up and take you to amazing places.

But what most people miss out on is the fact that even those harmless chats and conversations can block your manifesting.

Let’s say you meet someone at a wellness workshop or in your building. This person is from the opposite sex and they want to be friends. They continue to connect with you on and off through random texts or FB messages. And you see it as being harmless.

This is one scenario – which is what I’ve experienced in the past year or so.

There’s another situation, where you engage with someone – who is not adding any value to your life in any shape or form – on an ongoing basis. You might be communicating them on a daily basis – this could be with text messaging only. And you could be doing this for years.

Another more extreme example is when a single woman is engaging with toxic people on dating apps/sites or in real life.

She wants to be in a healthy relationship and she wants to manifest a soulmate. But she’s not sure why it’s not happening.

All of these are different levels of ways that you might be entangling your energy with people who are actually blocking your manifesting.

Manifestation Mistake: How is a Harmless Chat Bad for Manifestation?

Basically, when you’re engaging in daily – or even occasional – chats with random people, who have no purpose in your life, the Universe can’t really support you in your manifesting. This is a big manifestation mistake.

And by people, I mean those from the opposite sex. These people are basically depleting your time and energy. So there’s really no space for magic to happen or for the Universe to deliver your desire.

Of course, the situation is even worse when these people are toxic. And this is common on most dating apps.

I’ve taken a break from dating apps since April and I don’t think that I will ever use another dating app again. These are not the same as dating sites that are more structured for long-term relationship goals.

What can I do to Navigate this?

If I just tell you to stop entangling your energy and leave it at that point, then I wouldn’t be sharing the complete insight.

What I recently learned is that not only do you have to avoid entangling your energy with those who don’t add any value to your life, the next step is to block and delete them.

If you’ve been dating for a while, then you would understand this rule. It’s actually one of the most important dating rules.

What I want you to understand is that it applies to everyone who’s depleting your energy. Not only past matches on dating apps.

The reason is simple. When someone who has zero purpose in your life is forcing you to engage with them, they are basically taking space from your energy field. What this does is block the soulmate vision that you’re working on manifesting from showing up in your life.

Be Patient and Resilient

Another thing worth knowing is that once you block and delete all the time-wasters and energy vampires, you need to be patient with your vision.

The truth is that it takes time to clear the cache. And this hugely depends on how many people you’ve entangled your energy with. And I’m talking just by messaging and chatting. So you can imagine the level of the impact if the connection was physical as well.

I encourage you to set strong boundaries with those who are just wasting your time and energy and be patient with your manifesting.

In the meantime, focus on loving yourself, treating yourself with respect and building your self-worth and confidence.

Forgive yourself for past mistakes when you didn’t know any better. And be very mindful and intentional with who you allow into your life and energy field.

Soul Collective Coaching

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I’m re-opening my one-on-one coaching sessions in January. But I’m open to hearing your feedback or any questions that you might have.

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Manifestation Mistake

Manifestation Mistake: Why entangling your energy slows down your manifesting

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