Bali Getaway: Where to Stay and What to See in Sanur


Sanur is charming, peaceful and allows you to slow down and just breathe

I decided on a Bali getaway for a yoga, nutrition and overall wellness retreat and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for making that first move. The retreat was organized by My Chi Journey and it was honestly the best thing that I’ve done for myself in my entire life. Read more about my life-changing retreat here. But, for today I’ll take you on a trip to Sanur, a charming and peaceful seaside town in Southeast Bali.


A magical Sanur beach sunset

I chose to stay at the modern and relatively new Maya Sanur Resort and Spa for this Bali getaway. The property is only two years old and they have an older hotel in Ubud which I plan to check out on my next visit to the cultural town. As silly as it may seem, I chose to stay at Maya resort mainly because of its high Trip Advisor rating and Tree House Bar! It turned out this was the best thing that I’ve done. Because the Tree Bar at Maya is the best spot for watching the famous Sanur sunrise. Plus, I was very pleased with my stay and I would definitely go back when in the beachside town.


Modern, stylish and very inviting rooms at Maya Sanur Resort and Spa

I booked a Maya Sensation package (now titled as the Maya Best Package). Basically the package includes daily breakfast, one way airport pickup and a one hour massage at the hotel’s two-floor spa. My room had a lagoon view and I would suggest that you book a similar room. There are only four floors in the hotel and I think I got a room on the third floor. I did ask for the highest floor, but at the time of check-in there wasn’t one available. Then after I unpacked, I was told that I could get a higher floor room, but it was too late to change.

You won’t feel lazy when staying at Maya as they offer daily complimentary yoga classes for guests at a spacious studio opposite the gym. You can also rent one of four available bicycles and go for a nice ride along the beach at the designated pavement. I managed to go for yoga by my third or fourth day (it starts at 7:30 am), but I didn’t go for a bike ride. That’s because I was still in a low mood and this was before my retreat. More about this in later posts.

bali getaway

Lazy Sanur days at Maya Resort and Spa

bali getaway

My Maya Resort and Spa Lagoon view

About Sanur:

Sanur is a very charming, peaceful and quiet fishing town where time stands still. Perfect for a Bali getaway. It’s the kind of place you escape to after living in a fast-paced city like Dubai.  It’s also ideal for thinking about your next project, big life decision or best-selling novel idea. You can spend days walking by the beach, watching sunsets and sunrises, talking to locals and simply contemplating life.

Sanur beach is quiet and mostly frequented by families and older couples. The sea current is low, but the ocean is full of seaweed and rubbish. At my last day on the beach, I was entertained by watching a senior European man. He was trying to clean up the water by collecting seaweed and throwing it to the shore. Hilarious!

I honestly didn’t mind the dirty Sanur beach waters at all. I was simply happy to be away from everything for a change, to breathe in some fresh air and to finish reading my book on past lives.

bali getaway

Sanur beach is perfect for finishing reading a book, or even starting your own novel!


What I looked like before my life-changing Bali retreat 🙂

Waking up at sunrise to take pictures of the sun coming out of the beautiful Sanur ocean was challenging to say the least. After my retreat, I make an effort to wake up at sunrise whenever I can but I must admit that it’s still not easy. Especially when I go to bed late (or at normal time by my previous standards). Nevertheless, it was truly worth it. The hues of the Sanur sunrise are stunning and it’s essential that you witness the sunrise when visiting the charming seaside town.


Sanur beach sunrise from the Tree Bar at Maya Resort and Spa

bali getaway

Blissful Sanur beach sunrise moment

bali getaway

Captivating Sanur beach sunrise hues

There’s more to see and do in Sanur than watching sunrise and tanning by the ocean! tomorrow I bring you the top places to eat and drink. Well, mostly coffee tea since we’re all moving towards wellness 🙂

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