What It Means to Be Your Authentic Self: Just Be Yourself!

After a month in the Campania region of Italy, I received the most real and useful advice for my love manifestation journey!

Before I share the powerful story, I invite you to read the latest Manifestation Monday blog post here. In that post, I wrote about how manifesting love as an introvert is possible and can even fast-track your manifesting!

The Last Italian Town I Visited Was Important

In the last town that I visited in my month-long trip to Southern Italy, I met a group of British tourists at the hotel where I was staying. The group were attending a wedding at the hotel and that’s why they were there. I was, of course, exploring a very Italian coastal town off the beaten path. You can read about Santa Maria di Castellabate here and see if it’s somewhere you would visit.

Back to the story of the British group. I have to share that they were all in their early sixties. This point is important because the wise words I got from one man in the group came from a mature person.

I was in that small town with an old-school Italian vibe for ten days total. Of course, it was too much, but I didn’t know when I booked the hotel and pre-paid for the entire stay in 2019! Since there wasn’t much to do in that coastal town, it was a perfect thing that I met new people, and I spent five days hanging out with them.

I had to eventually go this year as I had already postponed my stay for two years. Other guests did the same, so it wasn’t just me.

The Universe always sends us messages through others, which is precisely what happened in this encounter.

Be Your Authentic Self

Although everyone in that group of Brits was friendly, I mainly connected with a couple (who were part of the group). After a couple of conversations with the men and women in the group, one man (who was part of a couple) told me: “Just be yourself. Forget about all this manifestation stuff and just be you.”

Those words were powerful. It made me think about what I was doing wrong when manifesting love.

Instead of being my true, authentic self, I was ‘trying’ to manifest by doing all I thought I should be doing.

Let me explain with an example. I know it sounds funny when I type it. Since I’m more of an introvert, I thought I had to be someone who connects with others and is sociable to manifest my person.

I would try to connect while on vacation and hang out with others (just because I feel this will help me attract my person faster).

This doesn’t apply to all situations where I connected; I would have to feel aligned with the other person to hang out with them.

But to a large extent, I was dismissing my true introverted self and pretending to be a friendly personality instead! LOL

Stop Pretending and Start Living

If I were to honor and acknowledge my true, authentic self, I would spend the entire time alone exploring and having a great time (all by myself). It’s the truth, and there’s no reason to feel guilty about it.

When we honor our true selves, we attract synchronicity  We can manifest our person faster because we’re not pretending to be someone who we are not.

I can’t tell you how much that mature man’s words meant to me. The whole purpose of encountering that group of tourists and hanging out with them for five full days was that moment of being confronted with my false self and pretentious behavior.

I feel truly grateful for meeting this man and his wife. I believe we constantly receive messages from the Universe through other people. We have to notice these messages more.

Now, I ask you: Are you pretending to be someone other than who you truly are? If so, how can you start being more of your true, authentic self?

What an excellent way to end my one-month-long trip to Campania. By realizing that I’m precisely enough as I am, all I must do to manifest my person is to be myself. Even if that self is part of the anti-social club!

Let me know your thoughts about this powerful manifestation hack and story!


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