You Can Manifest Love as an Introvert!

The full moon energy is still around us and I’m still recovering from a sore throat, coughing and overall low energy.

So I’ll keep this blog post short. Tomorrow, get ready for a travel story about a coastal Italian town with an old-school vibe. It’s the quaint small town where I stayed for the last ten days of my recent trip to Italy.

While in Italy, I met some new people and made friends. I wouldn’t say that all are lasting friendships but it’s always good to connect with others. I guess it’s one of the positives of traveling alone. You get to meet new people and maybe make new friends.

In the multiple conversations that I had, the fact that I’m more of an introvert came up. And it’s not the first time that someone who’s not close to me or has known me for more than a few hours uses this label when describing me. I think it’s rude because you can’t put a person in a box and give them a label/personality type when you barely know them. And I’m not exaggerating when I say they’ve known me for a few hours only!

The truth is that I’ve done so much inner work that these comments have zero effect on me. But I thought to share the story with you because I know that not everyone is at the same place when it comes to how confident they feel about themselves.

Being an introvert is a wonderful thing. I get to live according to my number one personal value – freedom – all the time!

Spending my time in the way that I choose and being very mindful about how I spend it is rewarding.

I also love learning, researching, watching YouTube, creating social media content and writing. Cooking is another new hobby that I’ve been working on since the start of the pandemic.

How being an introvert relates to manifesting love

I truly believe that when you live in total alignment with your true self, you start to attract the right people and energy towards you.

So pretending to be an extrovert and socializing when all you want to do is stay at home and read, doesn’t help with your manifestation process at all.

The closer that you live in alignment to your true, authentic self, the better you can manifest love and your dream life.

I’m so grateful for the deep inner work that I’ve done in the past couple of years that helped me uncover the real me.

Thanks to that type of inner work, I naturally live true to my real self and soul essence. There’s no other way. And that’s when the manifestation happens.

Plus, as humans we are so complex and no two introverts are the same. I consider myself an extroverted introvert. This means that I enjoy socializing and can easily talk to anyone – when I fee like it. And essentially, I’m an introvert and that’s just perfect.

If you think that you need to change your introverted habits to meet new people and manifest your person, let me re-assure you that you don’t have to change anything about yourself.

Just look at all of the creative types like illustrators or artists who are in healthy, loving relationships. They didn’t attract their person by pretending to be someone else. They manifested love by simply being true to their creative and introverted nature.

Honestly, I’m so at peace with myself and I never felt more secure in my own skin. Being an introvert or an extroverted introvert or any other label doesn’t matter when manifesting love, the main element is the energy you emit and how secure you feel.

My upcoming book is a self-help guide for exactly this topic. I’m now working on more edits with a writing coach before I get it designed and published. So stay tuned and sign up for updates.

Do you consider yourself an introvert? If so, do you feel confident, secure and ready to manifest your person?


Manifest Love as an Introvert

Introverts and manifesting love

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