Authentic Living: Which Areas of Life are you Performing in?

. If you’re wondering why your soulmate manifestation is taking a long time to show up, then this blog post is for you.

No matter how much spiritual growth work we do, there’s always another layer to be shed.

This doesn’t mean that we should keep waiting until we’re fully aligned with our true, authentic selves to create a new reality.

It just means that this could be a reason why your manifestation is being delayed and it’s a good one!

In fact, in this blog post, I explain why attending countless spiritual growth workshops wasn’t really helpful for manifesting a new reality for myself.

An Example from My Life where I was Performing

Let me share an example to help you understand what shedding the layers of personality that are not aligned with your soul means.

I used to be so active on Instagram stories and on that platform in general. I would invest so much time and energy each day to create original content and to speak to my community with videos that I would upload to my IG stories.

After doing this for months on and off, I realized that I was performing. Instagram wasn’t truly aligned with my personality or my brand.

Creating content on the feed was OK because I’m a writer and I enjoyed that part. But what wasn’t aligned at all with my soul was using the stories feature on a daily basis to create content.

It felt like I was trying to be someone else. Like I was trying to please others or make them like me.

Imposter Syndrome

I was always genuine with my content creation and I was passionate about it. But that’s not the point.

The aspect of uploading videos of me speaking to my community on a daily basis was where the misalignment was.

Did I share authentic and honest content and tips? of course.

Was this way of sharing content aligned with my soul essence? definitely not.

I say this because it felt like I was pretending to be another person to please my community and the Instagram users.

My preferred way to share content is through writing. It always was and it will always continue to be.

Whether this way of creating content resonates with everyone is not something that I can control or need to worry about.

What I need to do is stay true to my authentic self. To live a life that’s aligned with that soul essence.

This is one example of where I was performing in my life and not being my true, authentic self.

Authentic Living

I now stopped creating Instagram content and I just keep my account to check some F&B venues or hotels – because I like to know what these businesses are offering.

Now, I want you to think: Where in your life are you performing and not living authentically?

It could be in the way you engage with your friends or family members. Maybe you’re entertaining relationships that no longer serve you because you’re still performing in those interactions.

Whatever it is, know that your manifestation depends greatly on this. Living a life that’s aligned with your true, authentic self.

And that this is one major reason why things are taking time to show up in your reality.

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Authentic Living

Authentic Living: Manifestation not working

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