Areas of your Life You Need to Invest in to Change your Future

Today’s post is inspired by my personal story. I like to call myself a multi-faceted personality.

Like me, the areas of your life you need to invest in to change your future are “all of them”.

As a certified life coach, I like to invest in all areas of my life. The truth is, I was always like that. Even as a teenager.

What does Investing in All Areas of your Life Mean?

This means that you’re not only invested in career, work or business. That you don’t have a rigid routine for your day, where you just work and then maybe hit the gym.

Investing in all areas of your life means exploring your hobbies and interests.

Maybe you can start by trying out different activities to see which one you enjoy the most.

Perhaps you feel like attending a workshop on a specific topic that you’re curious about.

Maybe you want to plan your next vacation and explore destinations and things to do.

Although I had very controlling and opinionated parents, I still made an effort to find my interests and passions.

It might have taken a longer time than others who had positive family experiences. But what matters is that I got there in the end.

If I listed the number of workshops, retreats, courses, trips and coaches that I worked with, it would take a book to fit them all.

Not every retreat or workshop or group fitness class was a match to my personality and soul.

But each one taught me an important lesson and helped me get closer to my true self.

Why is it Important to Invest in All Areas of your Life?

When you focus on career or work and neglect other areas of your life, you loose that depth in character that makes you interesting.

You miss out on finding your true self and your tribe.

And of course, this means that manifesting a partner becomes so challenging.

For those of who you are always on the lookout for new friends, exploring your hobbies and interests is one of the best ways to connect with like-minded people.

You can read this blog post for other practical tips for growing your social network and making new friends.

And this other blog post that explains why making new friends is hard for you.

Having a rich and fulfilling life is also essential when dating. Because you want to be busy with your life and interests and prioritize these aspects of your life all the time.

Trust me, when you date from this energy and mindset, everything that’s meant to come to you, eventually will.

And you become detached from the outcome and that’s the best way to date.

You also focus your energy and attention on other areas of your life. Not only on finding love.

I also want to add that investing finances and not only going for the free workshops is key.

I can tell you that I’ve invested so much money into wellness retreats, spiritual growth workshops, dance cardio classes, multiple coaches and mentors, University courses and so much more.

If you feel like your limiting beliefs and family conditioning is holding you back from investing in yourself or working with a coach, then you’re reading this for a reason.

We all have limiting beliefs and blocks that stop us from creating our dream life.

I know because I had to so much work to shift these old patterns and I continue to do this work until today.

So I invite you to explore your hobbies and invest in yourself.

And when you feel ready to work with an NLP-certified coach, get in touch. I’ll be happy to support you in your manifestation journey.

I hope you’re taking things easy with this intense Full Moon Eclipse energy.

Check out this blog post for inspiration on what you can let go of at this Full Moon Eclipse season.


Explore your hobbies and interests

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