Are you Noticing and Following the Signs from the Universe?

Happy Wednesday. It’s the Full Moon in Pisces tonight. It’s another powerful time to release old energy and patterns that hold us back in life.

I’ll keep this post short, It’s best to take things easy at this time of the month and just follow your body and how you feel.

Pandemic Season Positives

One of the main pros of this lockdown life is that it’s helping us all focus our energy inwards and re-activate our intuition.

Since the start of this lockdown season, my intuition has been stronger than ever. I’m able to get messages and signs from the Universe on the daily.

If you want to discover practical ways to develop and re-activate your intuition, you can check out this blog post.

When your intuition is strong, you start to live from a more aligned place. You can easily attract everything that you want because you’re connected to the Universal flow.

I used to think that my intuition was at its best when I was in Bali. Then the pandemic happened and it proved me wrong.

Since cutting all the noise and distractions and truly focusing on my vision and goals, everything seems to just fall into place.

When you follow your intuition and take action based on that inner voice, life seems to flow with so much ease. You don’t need to strive to make things happen.

Times when I didn’t listen to my Intuition 

When you’re not tuned into that inner voice, the Universe will send you messages to guide you.

These signs from the Universe come in many ways. Through conversations with others, songs, nature, things happening around you or even actual messages from people!

Let me share with you an example of a time when I wasn’t noticing the messages even though they were dramatic!

When I lived in my old neighborhood, a huge fire went out in one of the buildings in the next block. We had to evacuate the building.

We ended up spending the evening at some random stranger’s house  – a friend of someone I knew. Now that I think of it, it really feels like a scene from a movie.

I even documented this incident in my older blog and I posted pictures that I took myself while making my way through the ashes of a burning building!

Me, a friend and her boyfriend ended up staying at that person’s apartment for the night. We went back at around 8:00 am to our building. Our building was safe and there wasn’t any damage made to it.

This was only one of the messages from the Universe telling me that this building and neighborhood aren’t a good option for me.

This story took place after a year or so of me staying there. So that was the first major sign that I needed to move.

Then, there were all these news stories of people committing suicide in that area! It was almost on a monthly basis, so not just every couple of months.

Since it’s a big area covering two different neighborhoods, the suicide stories either came from my side of the area or the other.

Then, in 2013 or 2014, a woman actually jumped off from a high floor in my building! I even had a friend from the building who lived on the ground floor and who witnessed it and heard the sound of the fall!

So if the Universe wasn’t clear enough with the previous suicide attempts, the one that took place in my building was evidence that this is a dark energy place to live in!

On top of all of that, there was general anxiety and stress-energy in the air.

Because my side of that area was mostly commercial – with offices and companies – than the other more residential side, there was constant anxiety and low energy in the air.

If you just walked around, you would notice how almost everyone you came across looked overworked, stressed, deeply unhappy with their lives or frustrated.

The negative energy was constantly being reflected in the people’s faces and couldn’t be described as vague. It was as bright as the sun!

Despite all of these signs, I didn’t want to move because I wanted to avoid the hassle of moving apartments.

How I follow the Signs From the Universe Now

These days, I’m so grateful that I live in a more touristy area of Dubai. So the energy is definitely lighter and normal to say the least.

I also want to add that there were other stories related to the building. Like the endless maintenance that I needed to do all year round to fix random things that came up. Then, there were noisy and uncivilized neighbors on many occasions.

So the signs really were back-to-back and couldn’t be missed!

The other thing – apart from the hassle of moving – that kept me there is that I had a lot of other things going on in my life.

I was on a spiritual growth and healing journey, I was learning so many life lessons and I was focusing on a career.

That’s why moving apartments to somewhere with better energy wasn’t a priority for me at that time. I had other more important things to deal with.

Look out for next week’s Wellness Wednesday blog post. I’ll share with you how I listen to my intuition and the messages that I get daily.

And how this has made my life so much easier and aligned with a bigger and more powerful source.

Until then, stay tuned for a new, exciting Thursday post. It will be packed with insights to help you navigate the world of dating and manifesting love.

Signs from the universe

Signs from the universe: Why following your intuition is important


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