Are you Living in a Place that Matches your Authentic Self?

In the latest Manifestation Monday blog post, I shared about my New Year’s Eve celebration in Nicosia.

If you choose to stay at home and not go out and party on New Year’s Eve, it’s your life. But to manifest your dream life, you want to live as your future self is living.

So, if your future self is saying yes to life and enjoying a New Year’s Eve party, you should live from that vibration now.

Another essential manifestation tip I still need to implement myself is living in a place that feels aligned with my authentic self.

Each of us has a unique personality, likes, dislikes, and lifestyle preferences.

Some of us like the big city life and appreciate having access to consumer products.

When you do the inner work to uncover your true self, you start to realize who you are and what places feel good to you.

For example, when I went to Cyprus, I felt like an alien because most people there followed the system of getting married and having kids. There’s nothing wrong with that, but my life path turned out differently, and I can’t turn back time to change that.

Larnaca, specifically, is a family-oriented town. Everywhere I went, there were either couples with a baby stroller or kids, pregnant women expecting, mothers pushing strollers in the park, and of course, high baby chairs were available in all restaurants and cafes.

Because I’m very optimistic, I made the most of my stay and didn’t pay much attention to these life elements.

I only realized that Larnaca is a family-oriented town towards the end of my ten-day stay!

The reason that I share this story is to help you think about your choices. Do you live in a city or town that feels aligned?

Do you feel like fast-paced city life is for you? Or do you live in the city because that’s where you were born and raised?

Did you explore other towns and cities with different vibes? Do you like living in a coastal town? Do you like having access to many restaurants, cafes, and bars? Is that important to you?

There’s a direct connection between manifesting our dream life and living in alignment with our true, authentic selves.

Let me share with you my thoughts on this. Although I grew up in a city in Saudi Arabia and now live in a big city, I honestly don’t feel like city living is for me.

I feel good when I visit small, coastal towns with a relaxed vibe. I also miss having fabulous restaurants, cafes, and bars.

Being an empath and because I like to practice mindfulness in each moment of my day, city life leaves me feeling depleted.

I only discovered all these things that I’m sharing after years of deep healing work and traveling to different places.

I’m also a fan of slow travel, which allows me to tune into the destination, its pace, and its vibe.

Nicosia, Cyprus’s capital, felt like Dubai to me. The fast pace, the anxiety on people’s faces, the transactional human encounters, the business focus, the materialistic lifestyle, even the food delivery drivers and options 🙂

When I shared this with Andreas – the head waiter at the breakfast restaurant in my last town – he said, “But Dubai has skyscrapers?!” Then, when I explained the similarities between the two cities, he said: “Everyone is rushing.” And that’s one of my biggest pet peeves about city life! I can talk about this for hours, but I’ll save it for another post.

Pissouri (my last stop) was too quiet, and although I didn’t explore the place much, it felt very isolating and village-like.

I already know where my perfect place is, and I’ll share more about my plans to spend six months there this summer.

I am grateful and blessed for the space and resources to explore my likes and dislikes and get a feeling of what’s aligned and what’s not. It’s genuinely an excellent place to be at.

Don’t worry if you don’t find a tribe that matches your personality. Just keep doing you, and eventually, you will find them.

I want you to tell me: Do you live in a place aligned with your true, authentic self?

If not, do you know where you would like to move to? Living in a way that matches your soul essence is a way to fast-track manifesting your dream life and person.

I’m not saying that you have to change everything now. I want you to start thinking and exploring places that make you feel good.

Sharing with you some shots from my ten-day Larnaca stay. Tomorrow, I’ll write a Travel Tuesday post about that safe, coastal, family-oriented town. Stay tuned!


Larnaca, Cyprus


authentic self

Your authentic self


Larnaca, Cyprus


authentic self

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