Advanced Law of Attraction Tip: You must Learn how to Receive that Trait!

I was standing in front of an ATM machine yesterday – getting cash – and something interesting happened.

Because the cash machine was attached to a bank branch, a guy came up to the security and asked him if there were any employees at the bank.

The security guy asked him: ” What is this regarding?”

The man angrily replied: “My debit card is not working but this wasn’t my question.”

The security guard tried to explain to him why he was asking but the man simply couldn’t listen. He kept repeating: “You didn’t answer my question. I asked you if there’s anyone working at the bank at the moment.”

Then it hit me, this man reminded me of my old self. When we go through adversity in life, we become closed off and are not able to even receive thoughtfulness from strangers – let alone a partner!

After years of doing deep inner work and healing, I could see how this security guard was simply trying to help!

The reason he asked the man about his issue was to direct him to the bank’s call center or someone who could support him.

But because the man wasn’t open to receiving this thoughtful act, he couldn’t see what the security guard was trying to do.

Advanced Law of Attraction Tip

In this recent post, I wrote about the right way to script your soulmate wish list.

And in this blog post, I explained the basic law of attraction concept of how you can only manifest who you are and what’s authentic to you.

Today, I want to add to that by saying this. You can only manifest who you are and your ability to receive it.

Let’s say that one of your soulmate wish list traits is thoughtfulness.

And you know that you’re a thoughtful person too. Things don’t end here. You have to ask yourself: “Am I able to receive thoughtfulness from others?”

While this may be easy for some people, it can be extremely challenging for those of us who were raised in toxic homes or who experienced some kind of abuse.

I personally wasn’t able to receive thoughtfulness or kindness from others until very recently. And it’s because I’ve done a lot of inner work and deep spiritual growth in the past four years.

So if you feel that you’re not able to receive the traits that you’re asking from the Universe in a partner, don’t worry.

There’s always a way to grow and shift.

Are You Ready for a Change?

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I wish you all a very happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas to those celebrating!



advanced law of attraction tip

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