Manifesting Your Reality: The Power of Your Thoughts and Feelings

Happy Manifestation Monday! I hope you’re feeling energized after the end of Cancer season.

I was making the most of my first two weeks in Bali. You can follow my journey on Twitter – where I’m primarily active.

Today’s post is a pure manifestation story covering a basic manifestation concept: Our thoughts and feelings create our reality.

While having breakfast at my hotel’s restaurant, I had interesting conversations with the wait staff.

One waitress asked me if I was alone and said, “Don’t you feel lonely?”

I was surprised by this encounter because I thought I was already doing deep inner work to make peace with being single.

So I didn’t expect to manifest this type of conversation in my reality. This happened a few days ago, and then something powerful happened yesterday.

I met another waitress who asked me if I was having breakfast alone, and I replied: “Yes, I’m single.”

She then replied with the sweetest voice: “It’s OK.” And we went on to talk about the town where she’s from.

I realised that both waitresses reflect my thoughts and feelings about being single.

While doing the inner work to make peace with being single, some of me still felt unhappy and unfulfilled with my life.

The difference was that I was in a happy mood when I met the positive waitress in the morning, having listened to jazzy love songs on MTV live.

The other waitress who asked if I felt lonely was projecting her feelings of loneliness and unhappiness.

So without judging anyone, both waitresses reflect a part of my inner conversations and feelings about being single.

This powerful story exemplifies how our thoughts and feelings constantly shape our reality.

I’ll end this blog post about manifesting your reality here and share more stories from Bali in the rest of the week.



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