Why Finding your True Self is Important for Manifesting Love

My biggest breakthrough in this pandemic season is discovering that I’m not a businesswoman or an entrepreneur.

This is the identity that was shaped by my family conditioning and programming. It’s not who I am in essence. Not the real me.

My authentic, true self is a writer and a book author. I’m in the process of writing my first ebook which will be available on this site for purchase. You can sign up for updates and get a free manifestation guide here.

How to find your true self

An entire chapter on this topic will be in my ebook and I can tell you that I already wrote it and edited it with the help of a wonderful and talented book coach. I manifested this connection last year and it’s so perfectly aligned with my personality, goals and energy. It’s so magical.

I think this pandemic season is the best time for self-reflection and uncovering your true self. I suggest that you start doing the inner work or reaching out to a coach if you need support.

The most simple and effective way to find your true self is to start paying attention to your preferences, your likes, your dislikes, your hobbies and the activities/topics that light up your soul.

Are you a creative person trapped in a rigid corporate job? Do you feel free-spirited but are currently following the system? Are you nomadic but haven’t traveled in ages?

Stripping away all the layers of family and societal conditioning is how you can get to the real you. And it takes persistence and commitment.

I remember when I went to renew my Soul Collective coaching company trade license last December. I felt so agitated and angry when I went to the office of the company that I used to help me set up the business.

Deep inside I knew that being an entrepreneur is no longer aligned with my personality. I realized throughout this pandemic (self-reflection and spending a lot of alone time) that I’m a writer and book author, not a businesswoman or entrepreneur.

It didn’t feel right to visit that company’s office and to pretend to be an identity that I’m not. It just wasn’t aligned.

A New Chapter

I’m free-spirited, I’m a writer, I’m a nomad, I’m a rebel, I’m a hippie and I’m not renewing that license again.

The next chapter for me is to sell an ebook on my website and to travel the world. No more pretending or acting like someone I’m not.

Can you see how major this breakthrough is? And I’ve only realized it recently. I registered my coaching business in December of 2018 for the first time and I’ve been renewing the license annually since then. That has come to an end now.

My one-on-one coaching will be offered until mid-December of this year only. And then it’s no longer available.

Why is it important for manifesting love?

If you don’t know who you are in essence, then how can you expect someone else to get to know you and connect with you?

This process can be very confusing and I know from personal experience.

That’s why, start by exploring your likes, dislikes, interests, passions, communities you feel connected with.

Be confident in who you are in essence and who you truly are first. Then, set out to manifest love.

And it’s not because your person has to be like you. In fact, they might be completely opposite to your personality and you’re still a great match.

This is about finding your true identity and personality so that you can feel confident, whole and complete first.

Once you feel worthy, deserving and confident in your own skin, manifesting love and a healthy relationship will be effortless.

It feels so liberating and freeing to finally connect to my true, authentic self.

I can now understand things about myself like never before. I have a great sense of self-awareness when it comes to my likes and dislikes and how they make up my individual identity.

If you feel like you need support in uncovering your true self from under the layers of family and societal conditioning, feel free to reach out and we can see if we’re a fit for one-on-one coaching.

I offer both online and in-person coaching in Dubai.


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manifesting love and how to find your true self

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