What to See and Do in Malta: Spaces in Suspension Exhibition

One of the highlights of my recent Malta trip that I feel so grateful for is visiting the ‘Spaces in Suspension’ exhibition.

It was raining heavily towards the end of my three-week trip. So, I naturally decided to explore the museums and art galleries.

The daughter of the hotel owner where I stayed for my third week told me about Spazju Kreattiv – Malta’s Centre for Creativity.

So I went and had a look around the center and asked about their events and exhibitions. And checked the website.

Then after a day or two, I visited the Malta Postal Museum & Arts Hub – which I’ll write about next week – and while leaving, I asked the receptionist for other interesting museums in Valletta.

She happened to be a fine arts graduate. As such, she shared with me that Spaces in Suspension is an exhibition that’s starting today.

This is how synchronicity works. Because that receptionist was a student of one of the artists of the exhibition, she had the latest news about her work and even shared a bit about what the exhibition was about!

Spaces in Suspension

Spaces in Suspension is a photography exhibition documenting modern ruins in Maltese society through photography.

It’s the beautiful collaborative work of two Maltese artists: Joseph P Smith and Therese Debono.

The exhibition documents a hotel that was once a popular destination for Italian tourists and it showcases things like the abandoned personal belongings of guests and the ruins of a building that was left for decades.

The project was a result of the COVID lockdown and both artists have strong affinities to the hotel.

You can see some of the objects that were abandoned in the exhibition as well and I share some pictures in this post.

When you visit, make sure to watch the documentary that’s being played in the exhibition hall. It’s a rare and original one.

The documentary includes an ad that was created for Italian tourists and is in Italian. The artists found the old film in the middle of the ruins and they digitized it.

I personally felt a strong connection to the hotel and its rich past and history, just by attending the exhibition.

In Malta or planning a trip – from now until the 12th of December?

If so, make sure to include this exhibition in your itinerary.

It was a real pleasure meeting the artists when I visited on the 30th of October, and I will definitely follow their work.

When you live in alignment with your true, authentic self, your reality reflects that and it feels so good to live from that place 🙂


Spaces in Suspension exhibition


Interesting Spaces in Suspension exhibition


Spaces in Suspension

Spaces in Suspension exhibition


Spaces in Suspension

Coat Hangers at the exhibition


Spaces in Suspension exhibition


Spaces in Suspension

Raising Thoughts during the exhibition


Here are some of the abandoned objects from the hotel site…

Spaces in Suspension exhibition


Keys at the exhibition


Spaces in Suspension exhibition


Old Telephone


Spaces in Suspension exhibition

Magnificent chair at the exhibition


Spaces in Suspension

Grand Hotel at the exhibition

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