What Positive New Habits are you Adding to your Lifestyle?

It’s another Full Moon season and I’m on the second day after taking my second vaccine dose.

Feeling drained but I still don’t know if I will experience similar side effects to the post-first dose ones.

Last time, the vaccine kicked in on day two in the evening and the side effects lasted for about a week. So I will keep you updated on what happens this time around.

Today, I wanted to share a story about how there’s always room for improvement in life.

I used to be on a vegan meal plan delivery service for five days a week. That company’s food is amazing and I’ve been a client with them for about three or more years. I only put my delivery on hold when I traveled.

It was very convenient and I managed to practice cooking on the weekends only.

The Universe is Aways Guiding You

About a month ago, I received a message from the meal plan company that they will put the delivery on hold since two of their staff caught Covid. They mentioned that they will put the service on hold for two weeks until the staff recover.

I haven’t heard from them since then and I didn’t follow up either. Let me explain why.

I realized that I enjoy cooking and preparing my own vegetarian meals – I’m not strictly vegan or vegetarian even!

I also feel that it’s a great opportunity for me to practice and improve my cooking skills.

There are so many vegetarian recipes that I want to try making and I’m truly enjoying the process.

I love planning my meals, writing grocery lists, going shopping for ingredients and then making simple, nutritious meals.

Another major shift that happened since the start of the pandemic was that I stopped getting a cleaner to clean my place. I also stopped giving any clothes or bed linen to laundry. This is an intentional decision and I’m so happy about it.

Doing all the cleaning of my one-bedroom apartment plus balcony means that the energy of my home is clean.

I don’t appreciate having random people go into my apartment and I like to sage cleanse the space from time to time.

One more thing that I’m still struggling to add to my lifestyle is regular at-home workouts.

I will admit that working out at home is one of my biggest challenges. It’s mainly because I always prioritize cleaning and doing other house chores!

In the winter season, I used to go for long walks and occasionally workout at home.

But now that the weather is too hot for long walks, I really want to commit to an exercise routine that I enjoy.

I mainly do dance cardio and other fun workouts – nothing too intense.

Lately, the vaccine doses and post-vaccine side effects prevented me from working out. I was feeling depleted.

In the end, installing new positive habits and committing to them is a way to get closer to manifesting your dream life.

The truth is that there’s always room for growth and your future self is waiting for you to catch up and manifest your dream life.

What positive new habits are you looking into adding to your daily routine and which ones are you struggling with the most?

Let me know in the comments!

Positive new habits

Adding positive new habits

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