What Messages from the Universe are you Noticing?

There’s a full moon on Saturday. I’m feeling depleted and drained. I’m tired of doing everything on my own and I’m also tired of wearing pregnancy jeans when I’m not expecting 😔

Actually, this pandemic season has forced us to look closely at all areas of our life and make any necessary changes.

For example, I started applying simple makeup and paying attention to the way that I dress. I still dress like a tomboy for most of the days of the week. I made peace with this sense of style and I’m accepting it.

Another major change for me was my diet. I recently went from a mostly plant-based diet to a combination of vegetarian and meat. On some days, I make or eat vegetarian dishes and on others, I cook lamb-based dishes. It feels good and I’m happy with the switch.

How are you feeling these days? Are you feeling the full moon energy?

Messages from the Universe

I wrote a blog post on my Soul Collective site about how the Universe sends us messages through others.

I’ll go back to writing weekly posts on the Soul Collective blog soon. I was busy with writing my ebook so I took a break.

The interesting thing is that the Universe is always guiding us to manifest our dream life. The story that I shared in this blog post took place in February 2017. The message from the Universe was that I had to move countries to manifest love.

Back in 2017, at the time of the conversation, I was just starting my healing journey. So moving countries was the last thing on my mind! I was focused on my spiritual growth, healing and reversing my toxic past.

Fast forward to today, I feel like I finally integrated most of the healing work. The work that I did in 2018 and 2019 was so intense that I spent around two and a half years processing it.

Now that I feel better, I’m ready to follow the signs. Of course, I still don’t prefer to move countries on my own. Since I’m tired of being in my masculine energy all the time. And when you move countries, there’s a lot of planning, researching, document-preparing and applying. So I’ll be in my masculine energy in full mode.

But there’s no way around it. The signs are getting louder with each passing day.

Let me share with you the signs that the Universe is sending me to move countries:

  1. My neighbors are so noisy and vulgar. Long story but they are a major reason of why I want to move. I doubt that they will move because they changed the floor of their apartment when they first moved in. So it’s a sign that they’re here to stay.
  2. Since moving to my new apartment exactly three years ago, I’m constantly getting calls, texts and emails from real estate agents asking if my apartment is available for sale or rent. I just got a call right before writing this post. The agent shared that he has a cash buyer. I get these calls almost daily. If it’s not a call, then it’s an email. I reached a point that I don’t answer any number that I don’t know. But since I’m expecting a call from a furniture store, I picked up today’s call.
  3. I keep seeing moving trucks in my neighborhood. Most of the time, it’s a company that specializes in international relocation and moving. Just this morning, I saw two vans parked near my building. This was the second time that I see the vans of this company this week. I would say that this is the most clear and loudest sign that I need to move. It keeps showing up and it’s getting more frequent with each day. The Universe is like: “You have to move!”

Today’s post was an example of what types of signs show up. Sometimes, the signs are from conversations with other people. Other times, it’s words or visuals. And many times, it’s really right in front of you – like the international moving trucks.

I want to know whether you feel that you’re being guided to take a certain action or change direction in your life? What signs are you noticing? Are you paying attention to your surroundings when you’re out and about? What are you receiving through the Universe?

Sometimes, manifesting our dream life takes time because the Universe is sending us a clear and loud message. But we don’t take action. So then the Universe has to re-direct us to another route. 

I encourage you to start noticing the signs that the Universe is sending you and to try to take inspired action to follow these signs.

I know that I’m now considering taking a culinary course somewhere as a way to make a semi-move to another country.

The idea is still in the researching stage and I will see how it flows. Always, follow what feels aligned and easy.

Let me know what signs you’re receiving and being guided to follow.


Messages from the Universe

Messages from the Universe

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