Wellness Tip for Empaths: Choose your Places Wisely

This morning, I decided to take a 25-minute cab ride to the other end of town to visit a medium-sized mall.

I haven’t been to that mall in about a year because it’s so far from my place.

But since I wanted to shop for a few things and I wanted to avoid the big, busy malls, this was a perfect choice.

I arrived at around 9:00 am and spent time having coffee and breakfast before going shopping.

Everything felt so peaceful and relaxed. I realized how much I was sabotaging my emotional health and wellbeing by visiting places that don’t resonate with my soul.

As an empath, the energy of the places that I visit plays a huge role in how I feel. For example, I used to go to another small mall in my area to do some shopping and get groceries.

Although I felt agitated and uncomfortable every time I went to that mall, I kept going there because it was convenient.

I used to enjoy the long walks in the winter to that mall and that’s why it made sense to do my shopping there.

In the past few months, I noticed that whenever I was there, I would leave feeling unsettled and uneasy.

It would also be because of some interactions with staff members at the stores or at the grocery store itself.

How Family Conditioning Plays a Role in our Daily Choices

It’s so fascinating how much our family and societal conditioning impacts our habits and lifestyle choices.

Because of my practical parents, I always choose to visit spots based on their convenience.

This also goes back to the fact that I don’t drive a car. So convenience is very important for me.

Since it’s too hot to take the tram or metro these days, I decided to take cabs and go to places that I wouldn’t normally go to if I had access to the tram or metro.

I know that this is only for the summer and that I will most probably go back to my other spots (not that mall where I feel frustrated) when the weather cools down.

Empaths: Do you Pay Attention to the Energy of the Places you Frequent? 

Being mindful of the energy of the places that you visit and the people who you engage with at those public places can impact your manifesting as well.

Because if you’re constantly feeling agitated, anxious or frustrated, then your vibration will go down.

And manifestation is all about aligning your vibration with the Universal flow and feeling good all the time.

So I encourage empaths like you to start noticing how you feel when you visit certain places and make changes based on that.

Your emotional health and wellbeing is a priority and it truly makes a difference when you choose your places wisely.

As an empath, I always pick up the energy of the places that I visit. The same goes for the people who I engage with.

This is why I started to be very selective with my whereabouts and the people who I’m surround with.

Are you mindful of the energy of the places that you go to frequently? Do you make changes according to how you feel?

Let me know in the comments!


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