Travel Tuesday: Villa di Piazzano is a Wellness Haven

No words can describe how remarkable and exceptional my stay was at Villa di Piazzano, a charming Tuscany boutique hotel.

Stunning Location

Villa di Piazzano is located on the border between Tuscany and Umbria, near the medieval town of Cortona. It’s perfect for getting away from it all and still having easy access to Tuscany’s quaint and culturally-rich towns. The villa is surrounded with vast, stunning landscapes and a plethora of walking routes. I can’t wait to go back and explore more of these therapeutic walking and hiking trails.

Exceptional Service

This Luxury Tuscany boutique hotel stands out for it’s exceptional and high standard of service. From the minute you step into this magical property, you notice the unique treatment from the welcoming and warm reception staff. They are all very professional, friendly and extremely helpful all at once! I’ve never experienced a level of service so high as the one offered at Villa di Piazzano.

Endless Activities

Ask the lovely reception staff for various activity recommendations and they will give you tips, share printed maps and other useful brochures. They even assist with bookings! I spent a relaxing and rejuvenating day at a thermal spa (I will write about it soon) thanks to the helpful reception staff who organized everything. Choose to spend a chilled day at the hotel, enjoy lunch or dinner in the peaceful garden, laze around by the pool or even play frisbee with the owners’ dog who’s super friendly!

For more active things to do, you can go for walks, jogs or hikes in the beautiful, surrounding nature. There’s a route which takes you to the highest peak of the hill. You’ll get a great view of the Lake. I tried to get to the top but wasn’t successful for a couple of reasons. But that’s on my list for the next time I visit this gorgeous Tuscany boutique hotel, Villa di Piazzano.

Exploring nearby medieval towns is another way you could spend the day. Simply ask the reception staff to book a driver for a day or half a day and they’ll arrange it.

Sensational Food

The breakfast at VDP was one of my favorite experiences. The buffet spread includes a wide range of traditional Italian and International breakfast options. The food is always fresh, of great quality and very tasty. Teamed with a cup of Italian coffee, the breakfast was perfect and my favorite meal of the day. What made it special was the fact that I would choose to sit outside in the panoramic terrace in front of a stunning view of the Tuscan hills. It was a purely blissful and unmatched experience.

Classy Rooms

I stayed in a cozy, renaissance-inspired room. I love all things vintage and old, so felt completely in my element while staying at the classical and sophisticated room. If I were to go back, I would probably choose the same room.

General Travel Tips

Stay at Villa di Piazzano if you’re looking for a break from the hectic and fast-paced city life, yet still want to be able to explore nearby charming Italian towns. You’ll be immersed in the tranquility and bliss of the Italian countryside and breathtaking nature. At the same time, you have the convenience of driving – or taking a cab – to nearby medieval towns and villages.

With such a memorable experience, I can’t wait to travel again to Villa di Piazzano, when I return to Tuscany for another Osho Miasto wellness retreat. This Tuscany boutique hotel is one to remember.

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