Vibrational Energy: What Vibration are you Living from?

It feels so good to be in the energy of the New Moon. New moons bring new beginnings and new ways of being.

Especially after shedding a lot of old energy in the last full moon. It feels good to leave that old energy behind us.

Last week, I wrote about how being the hero of your own life movie helps you feel good about being single.

I also encouraged you to embrace the positive aspects of being single to manifest your dream life with ease and flow.

Well, I realized that although I write about these things, I wasn’t truly following them myself!

Vibrational Energy

Yesterday morning, I went out for a short walk in the hood to get groceries and have breakfast. The first thing that I saw when I stepped outside of my building and started walking was a woman jogging in her shorts pajamas.

Basically, I noticed the brand that she was wearing and the fabric. It was obvious that the top and shorts set that she was wearing wasn’t activewear. Instead, it was pure cotton pajamas.

The Universe was sending me a clear message through this woman. This is a perfect example of having a positive mindset and making the most out of any life situation that you find yourself in.

Instead of worrying about the fact that she doesn’t own a pair of activewear shorts, she simply chose to go out jogging in any outfit that she felt was suitable. The main thing was that she was active and feeling good about it.

What could be blocking your manifesting

A good, gluten-free breakfast and two cups of coffee later, I headed to the store to get groceries before walking back home.

What I realized after my simple day out was that I wasn’t always living from a vibration of already having my dream life.

Because if I did, I wouldn’t be thinking twice about going out to get groceries or have coffee in my neighborhood.

My future self feels good all the time, because she already has everything that she dreams of. Including her dream man.

To help you figure out whether you’re living from a high vibration, think of your future self. That version of you who has everything that she dreamt of.

How does she think, feel and act on a daily basis? How is she engaging with the world and others around her?

And try to live from that vibration now. That’s how you can manifest that dream life to you with ease.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, try living from a place of already having it.

Your vibration is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions. So choose them wisely.

Let me know whether you feel like your vibration is aligned with your future self or not. And if not, how can you change that?


Vibrational Energy

Vibrational Energy: Vibration is everything when manifesting love

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