Ubud Street Market: A Delightful Visit and New Purchases

Ubud Street Market

I’m writing this post about Ubud Street Market from my favorite Canggu cafe, Balifornia Republic. I’m proud to say that I managed to stay consistent with my Canggu work space spot. It’s difficult to find a place which matches it’s views, super friendly service and excellent ambiance. You can read more about this uber cool retro-inspired Canggu cafe here.

Ubud Street Market

While I was staying in Ubud, I made a stop at the famous street market. I even got myself two traditional handmade cooling fans. I’m sure I paid more than their value. I’m just not an expert in bargaining or haggling with market stall sellers.
So, if you choose to visit Ubud’s popular street market, keep in mind that the prices they give you are at least more than half their value. You need bargaining skills to try to bring the cost down to less than half of what they ask for.
If they don’t reduce the price, all you have to do is walk to the next stall and start all over again! Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Ornaments & Artifacts

My favorite part of Ubud’s busy and vibrant market is the little ornaments and artifacts. You can see them on almost every stall. I love taking close-up pictures of them for my Instagram page and I almost never buy anything! The cooling fans were my first Ubud market purchase and I love them!
From colorful wooden male member part ornaments, to leather handbags and accessories, to ‘I love Bali’ T-shirts and baseball caps, Ubud’s street market is a shopper’s paradise and is always bustling with both tourists and locals.
So the next time you find yourself in the mystical lush green town and are looking to do some souvenir or gift shopping for your loved ones, I highly recommend that you stop by the busy street market and give your bargaining skills some much needed practice.

Ubud Street Market

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