Travel Tuesday: Tuscan Wellness Escape

It’s good to be back to blogging, especially with a new, evolved personality following a trip to a Tuscany wellness retreat.

Yes, you heard right. I was away for about a month in beautiful Tuscany on a deep, personal growth experience. I’ll be telling you more about it in a future post.

It was my first trip to the foodie’s haven and I honestly can’t wait to return! Everything in Tuscany was perfect; the food, the weather, the people, the nature, the architecture, the culture and the peaceful vibe.

Before starting my Tuscany wellness retreat, I stayed for four nights at a quaint boutique hotel located on top of a hill. I chose Villa Armena because their web site stated that they are close to Siena and that’s the area close to the meditation center.

The hotel is a renovated 16th-Century home and the owners are a couple who used to live and work in London.

Part of the Hip Hotels group, the interiors make you feel like you’ve been transported to another era. For someone who loves everything vintage and old like me, this setting is magical!

Another great thing about Villa Armena is the sense of tranquility and peace that you get when staying there. It’s the perfect place to escape a busy, hectic lifestyle and spend a few days to unwind and recharge.

With my intense, wild and free character, I of course had to explore the entire surrounding area while staying at Villa Armena!

I’ll leave that story for another post. For now, here are a few pictures from my first days at the charming, luxury hotel…

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