Travel Tuesday: Where to Eat and Drink in Malta – Part One

You can read last week’s Travel Tuesday blog post here.

As a solo traveler, I discovered the foodie gems of Valletta by following my intuition – and that’s always the best way.

In this post, I’ll be sharing a list of the places that I visited and liked. Trust that the reviews are honest and unbiased.

This is basically the guide to where to eat and drink in Malta that I wish I had before visiting the island!

Because there are more places to share, there will be multiple parts of this series. So here’s Part One.

Where to have Coffee in Valletta

Caffe Berry – located in a quiet part of Republic street, this is my favorite spot for quality coffee. They also serve food and GF muffins. Bonus Tip: Try their dirty chai latte. It’s chai latte with espresso and it has a rich taste – I personally loved it!


Caffe Berry Valletta

Beautiful Coffee at Caffe Berry Valletta

Caffe Berry Valletta

Caffe Berry Valletta


Manouche – I tried Manouche for the first time with a group of locals who I met through a new friend. And then I went back several times and I recommended it to hotel guests too! If you’re looking for an authentic experience, this is the place. Their chai latte is so good and they have a salted caramel eclair which is a best-seller and my friend tried it and said it was really good.

Manouche Valletta


Lot Sixty One – Located on Old Theatre Street, it’s a specialty coffee shop with great coffee. It’s always busy so you need to get there early or have your coffee for takeaway. I didn’t manage to take a picture of my flat white because it spilled a little bit when I approached the table. Also because passers-by were staring at it! If you’re looking for solid coffee, this is the place. The vibe is not for me though because as an empath, this location is too busy for me. If you’re not an empath, this could be your best coffee spot!

Culto – For an authentic, Italian-style coffee, head to Culto. Try their daily lunch dishes or opt for a simple caprese panini. I had a lovely time at Culto on a rainy day in Valletta. The service is authentic and friendly. It’s also frequented by office workers on their coffee break.

Coffee at Culto


Culto Valletta


Where to Eat and Drink in Valletta

I’ll share some of the best places that I tried in this post and the rest in next week’s post. I hope you find these suggestions useful!

Taproom Brasserie and Bar – Located on 53a Old Theatre Street, this a sophisticated restaurant with decent food. I loved everything there – including the service. The only thing is that they don’t have enough lighting for outside tables, so it can be very dark for eating at the tables where there’s no light. They also have live music so ask before you book. Although I booked on a Friday night, there was no live music that day for some reason. So I will definitely go back to Taproom the next time I’m in Valletta! Highly Recommended! Excellent food, drinks and service!

Taproom Valletta


67 Kapitali – This is a cool spot for grabbing lunch and a drink. They have really good platters with fresh ingredients. I ordered the Maltese platter and replaced the bread with herb roasted potatoes. Since I was sat outside, almost everyone passing by was staring at my platter! One lady even came up and asked me what I was having. Try the local Jbeinah cheese – so good!

Pink gin cocktail at 67 Kapitali


Zizka Kitchen – I had lunch here while staying at a hotel a few blocks away. The food is great but the service needs improvement. It felt like they were understaffed and the woman who was in charge was struggling to do everything or basically not happy with her job. I wouldn’t go back mainly because of the unpleasant service. The ravioli was really good though.

Zizka Kitchen Valletta

Ravioli at Zizka Kitchen Valletta

Zizka Kitchen Valletta


Manon Gastro Bar & Bistro – Newly opened Manon is another favorite of mine in Valletta. The place has a 1920’s era theme and it was my life-saver on a day when it was raining so heavily. I’m so grateful that I managed to get a table in their downstairs dining area. I felt transported to another time – with the decor, the service and the overall vibe. They were in a new menu transition phase when I visited. I look forward to seeing more vegan or vegetarian dishes on their menu. I highly recommend Manon and will be going back there for sure!

Manon Bistro & Bar Valletta

Manon Bistro & Bar Valletta


Marina Terrace Pizzeria & Brasserie – Located at the Portomaso Marina, this was another place that I went to have lunch at on a rainy day! I walked around Sliema and St Julian’s and chose Portomaso as my lunch destination after a suggestion from the hotel owner. It reminded me of Dubai Marina a little bit. It’s a very clean and upscale area and I would love to go back to try the Asian restaurant there – it wasn’t open for lunch.

Marina Terrace is a lovely, spacious and bright restaurant with a good selection of dishes. I went for a tuna Nicoise salad and it came with fresh tuna slices. You can tell from the pictures that it was a great choice! I ended my lunch with an Americano and some Bailey’s. Would I go back? Absolutely. I’d have lunch at the terrace when the weather permits. Although it was a rainy day so I sat inside, I still had a lovely time there. It’s definitely recommended.


Lunch at Marina Terrace in Portomaso


Coffee at Marina Terrace in Portomaso


Adesso – This is so far my favorite spot for dinner and drinks. The interesting part is that I went there on my last night in Valletta! I loved the vibe, the food and the authentic service. There are two floors and the downstairs area is more lively and has a party vibe to it. I sat at a table upstairs next to the window and I enjoyed my time there so much that I didn’t want to leave! I tried the pan-fried fish and it came with potatoes and was so good. This is one of the places that I am going back to for sure.

Adesso Valletta

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