Transforming Your Story: Break Free from the Single Identity Loop

I haven’t been feeling well since last Wednesday. At first, I thought it was the flu, and although I now feel better, I can’t taste food properly, so I think it could’ve been COVID!

I did have a fever for one day and all the other flu symptoms. I also had a terrible headache and body aches. But since it wasn’t as bad as the first time I had COVID back at the end of 2020, I didn’t think it was too.

The temperatures are so high in the city these days. I can only go out in the morning while taking a cab. And I’ll switch the grocery shopping trips from mornings to late afternoons. The weather suddenly changed, and I thought my sickness was a heatstroke.

In other news, I’m excited about my semi-move to Bali. I have already applied for a six-month visa. I’m waiting for the agency to send it to me once it’s ready. I’m not sure about the details, just taking things step by step really.

I feel like it’s the right time for this type of move – for so many reasons. It’s like all the things that aren’t so aligned with my soul essence are amplified whenever I step outside my place. It’s so funny actually – because these are things that were always around and now they seem like really huge and bold.

Last week’s blog post mentioned that I recently started hosting meetup events around live music nights at classy venues.

When I first started hosting these events, a woman I met once shared a social media post about a ladies’ night with me. She suggested that idea for a meetup event.

Of course, I didn’t think it was a good idea because I’m not re-creating my single life in the future! Let me explain…

When you keep identifying with your single self and living in alignment with it, you keep re-creating that identity in the future.

In order to create something new, you want to start living and feeling like you would if you were in a relationship.

How would your future self live and feel? Do you think that the version of you who already has a loving partner or husband is going out with a group of single ladies for free drinks on a specific night of the week?

Do you think that the version of you that’s in a healthy and loving relationship is looking for drink deals for single ladies?

I doubt it, and that’s precisely why I would never host one of these events in my meetup group.

Instead, I’m hosting events where we listen to live music gigs by notable artists. We share great conversations over good food and drinks. We laugh, we connect, we feel good.

The idea is to start being that version of you already having your dream life and person. Be that person now.

Who you are in every moment of your day determines how fast you will attract your dream person.

Are you feeling fulfilled and happy? Or are you feeling low, angry and bitter? Are you at peace with yourself and your life?

Basically, you want to stop identifying with your single self and seeing yourself as a single woman.

I’ll end this post about the single identity loop here because I’m still experiencing the impact of the Retrograde post-shadow phase.

Talk to you on Wednesday!

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