Thursday Thoughts: What Trusting the Process Really Means

A few days ago, I received an email from the Osho meditation center where I did the deep spiritual growth work which said that they moved to online sessions.

The center where I did a couple of intense healing work is located in Tuscany and the area now has high Covid restrictions.

If you want to read about my first experience at that powerful center, check out this blog post.

Osho is All About Energy and Catharsis

When the pandemic hit and I was still processing inner child therapy work. I felt an immense amount of gratitude that I managed to do the group therapy work in the previous winter!

The Osho work is all about energy and catharsis. So the fact that I managed to go to Italy and attend these major workshops was a real blessing.

In that particular trip, I completed both inner child and tantra work. As you know, tantra is all about touch and we were in real close proximity and physical touch was the basis of that type of work!

Reading that email from Osho center in Italy was a confirmation for trusting the process.

I manifested a friend who supported me in my Osho work healing journey in the summer of 2017.

And I visited the center for the first time in the late summer of 2018 and then again in the fall/winter of 2019.

The fact that I manifested this person and then managed to get a visit visa and to actually spend a lot of time in that magical center is not a coincidence. It’s part of the manifestation process!

The Universe Supports You

The Universe wants you to have that dream life and relationship. But it also wants you to have it when you’re ready.

Looking back at where I was – energetically – before doing the Osho work and investing in myself, there’s no way I could be in a healthy romantic relationship or connect with anyone!

Today, I feel so grateful that I manifested the resources that I needed and that I committed to the spiritual growth and healing.

If you feel that the law of attraction isn’t working for you, I encourage you to change your perspective.

What you want to look at is where are you not lining up with your desire? are you an energetic match to that man who respects, cherishes and appreciates you?

Do you feel that way about yourself? or are you feeling not worthy of love and connection?

The truth is that the Universe is always working for you. Just look at the bigger picture and you’ll see evidence of that.

Trust that things are unfolding exactly the way that they should. You are being guided in each moment on the next step to take!

If you feel called to invest in yourself and in your spiritual growth, contact me to inquire about my one-on-one coaching.

I have limited spots available for the month of March. I can do both in-person sessions (in Dubai Marina) and online coaching as well!

Trusting the Process

Trusting the process

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