The Three Main Elements for Manifesting a Loving Relationship

I hope you’re feeling this wonderful New Moon energy like I am. New Moons are so full of renewal and optimism.

Yesterday, I received a message from my favorite upscale Chinese restaurant telling me that I have a complimentary dim sum platter for two waiting for me! This is what New Moon energy is all about and I love it.

The countdown to my six-month Bali trip has started and I’m so excited. Each day, I do one small thing to get the to-d0-list done.

That’s the best – and least stressful – way to take on any big project. Don’t leave things to the last minute and make sure to break down the project into small, simple steps. Do one small step each day and you’ll be surprised at how easy and stress-free this feels.

My Bali move is a good example for the second key point for manifesting a healthy relationship. It’s called being on the path. I’ll explain more about this later. For now, let’s explore the three main elements for manifesting a healthy and loving relationship.

Detaching from the outcome

I wrote about this important step last week and you can read the blog post here. When manifesting a relationship, you want to feel indifferent to whether you get your desire or not. Because if you’re in the energy of need or desperation, you simply create resistance and push your desire away.

Being OK with not getting your desire is not always easy but with doing the deep inner work, it’s achievable and I’m so happy to report that I’m now in that state.

You can get to this beautiful state by exploring your hobbies, passions and uncovering your true, authentic self.

When you live a fulfilling life and do what feels right to you, you won’t have this strong need to be in a relationship. Manifesting from this place feels so natural and effortless.

To understand this point more, read this recent blog post.

Being on the path of your dream life

This means that you have to realize that you’re the co-creator of your own reality. You can’t do the manifestation methods and rely on the Universe to bring your desire to you. It docent’ work and I know from personal experience 🙂

You want to start taking inspired action to get on the path of your dream life which is also how you will manifest your person.

Instead of being in waiting mode, take action to get closer to your dream life. You don’t need to fully realize that life – just start and take the first step.

In order for your dream life to materialize in the physical world, you want to take action in the 3D world too!

I used to be in the waiting mode for a really long time and this state only attracts more of the same: waiting!

A good example for this step is my six-month Bali move. Instead of making a complete move to an island (my dream life), I’m taking the first step and making a semi-move. By being on the path of my dream life, I rest assured that I’m on the path to realizing my dream vision. Moving to a place that matches my personality and true self is also a great way to live in alignment and in flow. What more can you possibly wish for? I’m excited 🙂

Releasing old energy with healing work and just being

One major reason why we could be feeling stuck and not seeing any progress with our manifesting is that we’re still holding on to old beliefs, patterns and behaviors.

The first step is to set an intention that you want to heal and that’s how you attract the right healing modality for you.

Once you’ve done and integrated the deep healing work, you will start shedding old energy in random ways!

For me, these ways included solo travel, encounters with strangers and even starting a Meetup group! Can you imagine?!

Just when I though that I was done with my healing journey, I met random people who reflected old patterns or beliefs. And of all places, this happened at events that I hosted as a Meetup group organizer!

It was so wild and crazy that I can’t write about it here. But basically, this was a great way for me to practice setting strong boundaries with disrespectful people who reflected toxic behaviors. I even had to ban these people from the Meetup group!

I share this to say that when bad things happen, it’s alway for our own benefit and spiritual growth.

I’m so glad that I got the chance to release old patterns and energy in this unusual way of creating a Meetup group and hosting live music events!

So these are the three main elements for manifesting a loving relationship. Are you applying all of these three?

Let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if you have any manifestation questions that you would like to me answer in future blog posts.



Manifesting a Loving Relationship

Manifesting a Loving Relationship

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