The Sum of Us Dubai: Healthy Breakfast Cafe Review

Hola 🙂 I hope you’re having a good start to the week. I’m currently in an influencer/social media star wannabe phase. I think I’m going to focus on growing my social media following and online presence in the next year and try to monetize once I’m super famous 😀

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written lifestyle blog posts about various businesses and brands that I like or frequent. The reason I decided to go back to lifestyle blogging goes back to the great amount of messages from random people asking for my help in random lifestyle topics.

I must clarify that the businesses and brands that I write about don’t know that I’m visiting or reviewing their venues. The posts are not sponsored and the opinion is completely honest and reflects my experience at the time of the visit.

Breakfast at the Sum of Us Dubai

Yesterday, I got to have a lovely healthy breakfast with my videographer at The Sum of Us in Dubai. We both ordered egg dishes, I had the shakshuka while my videographer went for the sweet potato fritters with poached eggs. We also shared some sides like sautéed spinach, roasted tomatoes and sesame-crusted avocados. To be honest, I ate most of the sides and didn’t leave much for my friend 🙂

Because the portions at The Sum of Us can sometimes be little and not very filling (as was the case with my shakshuka), we decided to share (this time we did share) a light and refreshing smoothie bowl – pictured here.

The healthy fruit bowl was a great end to a scrumptious breakfast but I must admit that it doesn’t match the smoothie bowls that you can get when in Bali 🙂 this is mainly because of the freshness and quality of the fruits in Bali as opposed to Dubai produce.

Would I recommend this healthy eatery to my readers? for sure. It’s not just the healthy and presentable dishes that make The Sum of Us Dubai a winner in my books, but also the crowd it attracts, the friendly service and positive vibes and ambiance.

A great place to work

My life coach was suggesting that I be more consistent in the places that I frequent in the process of building a sense of community and meeting new like-minded people. To tell you the truth, being someone who rarely goes back to the same place twice and being a blogger who’s constantly looking for new places to try out and review, I can totally see myself becoming a regular at The Sum of Us and am even considering taking my laptop and working from their space a few times a week.

So the next time you’re in Dubai and are looking for a healthy eating spot with a casual feel and cool crowd, consider popping into The Sum of Us for a late breakfast or lunch. They even serve specialty coffee and are usually very busy on weekends.

That was the scoop for this week’s lifestyle post. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram where I’ll be reviewing places and video blogging about them 🙂

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