The Art of Manifesting What You Truly Need

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. I even thought I won’t write any new blog posts until early next year.

My laptop USB port wasn’t working. When I took it to the official Apple service center, they told me the port was damaged and the piece was out of stock in Indonesia.

With a little help from the Airbnb manager and some troubleshooting, I discovered that one USB port is still working perfectly, and now I’m back to writing.

But it has been an interesting past two weeks. Mainly because a lot has changed since I moved from my beachside luxury hotel to an Airbnb studio next to a Balinese family home.

I realised this: When manifesting something big like a healthy and loving relationship, you must let go of many inner love blocks. This also means healing childhood wounds and old patterns.

Since I moved to the Airbnb about two weeks ago, I’ve manifested so many magical synchronicities and encounters.

The Balinese family who lives next door are two grandparents (the grandmother is exactly my age!), the son with his wife and three kids. The middle daughter – Gladys – is so bubbly, talkative and cute!

I saw her on my way out this morning, getting ready to play with her little brother with the water hose. She was so happy and excited to play with her brother and the water hose!

These simple moments are what I mean by healing old perspectives, wounds from our childhood.

My friend Ceria said yesterday: “The Universe is showing me another example of a family dynamic and picture.”

I feel so grateful for this powerful opportunity to heal my childhood wounds around family and having children.

I’m making the most of my stay at the Airbnb.. I know that I won’t have this valuable connection with the Balinese and their beautiful children once I return to hotel life.

A lot is happening these days for all of us. We’re now experiencing the Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow phase. Another excellent opportunity to heal our old wounds and love blocks.

I’ll go back to writing consistently now that my laptop is back to normal.

I am sending you good healing vibes from magical Bali – where healing happens naturally.



Art of Manifesting

Art of Manifesting


Art of Manifesting

Art of Manifesting

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