Take Baby Steps To Create a Higher Vibration!

I still remember when I was at the beginning of my healing journey. I was attending a general wellness retreat in Bali and I said to the organizer: “I don’t know how you can wake up at sunrise!”

These days, I not only wake up at sunrise. I actually wake up before sunrise! when it’s still dark! and it’s mostly before my alarm goes off. So it happens naturally.

This change of habits and lifestyle didn’t happen overnight. It took years of adjusting my sleep habits and creating rituals that work for me.

How I used to Go About my Days

About a decade ago or even less, I used to drag myself out of bed at around 8:30 or 9:00 am. Then I would go out for breakfast and take my laptop with me to a cafe. I wouldn’t feel motivated to write a blog post until late afternoon. Then I would go back home to do other stuff. Basically, I didn’t have a routine and my lifestyle was a mess.

This was because I didn’t feel good. I was depressed and I was sad. I was also living from a victim mindset and vibration.

Fast forward to today, I wake up at around 6:00 am daily. I start my day with silent meditation and a healthy, vegan breakfast and then I go for a walk outside on most days in the winter. I also follow my intuition to decide on what things to do each day.

What I did to Shift and Create a Higher Vibration

Although I attended a lot of spiritual growth and healing workshops, I would say that my own commitment to change is the main reason for my elevated state and vibration.

I truly believe that no matter how much inner work you do, unless you stay determined and persistent in your rituals and practices, nothing will change and you will feel down, anxious or depressed.

It’s OK to feel your negative emotions when you need to. But what’s not OK is to stay stuck in that low vibration and energy.

Here are some suggestions that you can do and commit to in order to shift your vibration and boost your mood:

  • Meditation: Starting each day with meditation really helps you feel grounded and centered. Choose a meditation type that resonates with you. My favorite is sitting silently and listening to the sounds of the birds.
  • Move your body: Go out for an early morning walk or an afternoon one to help you stay in the body and not be in your head.
  • Eat clean: Be mindful of the type of food that you eat and switch to a plant-based diet if you can. This helps you vibrate higher and feel energetic.
  • Set daily goals: No matter what you do, aim to be productive with daily to-do-lists and goals. Follow your intuition when creating these and only do what you feel like doing on any given day.
  • Invest in one self-care ritual each day: This can be as simple as using a face or hair mask, getting your nails done or even booking a massage. It depends on how you feel about Covid but I personally get a massage from time to time.
  • Connect with positive and like-minded souls: When you start living in alignment with your true self, you will easily attract other like-minded people. Focus on being your most authentic self and these people will show up in your life.
  • Be in the present moment: Don’t think about the past and see every experience as a lesson. Focus your attention and energy on the present moment. Make plans for the future too but be flexible and change them to match how you feel.

Do you already follow any of these rituals? Do you have other daily rituals that make you feel grounded and centered? Would you like to create a higher vibration? Let me know in the comments!


create a higher vibration

Morning rituals


create a higher vibration

Create a higher vibration with morning rituals

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