Staycation: YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi (Dining Options)


Amazingly tasty Dim Sum varieties at Noodle Box at YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi

I wanted to try more restaurants while staying at YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi, but because I was only there for two nights, I only managed to try two places. On the first night I was there, I tried some snack options at Skylite rooftop bar. But the standard was average and the portions too small.

On the next day, I had a Shish Tawook wrap at the quiet pool. And I must say that it was pretty mediocre as well. Those two experiences did discourage me and I had already made an overall negative impression about the standard of the food at the hotel. Then, after my spa treatment, I went to check out Kazu – the Japanese restaurant. And luckily, the food was worth the visit. It kind of made up for my previous bad experiences.

YAS Viceroy

Customized sushi rolls at Kazu at YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi

Upon meeting the Chef at Kazu, I found out that he used to work at Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, and was the head Chef at Nobu in Atlantis Dubai too!

He moved to Abu Dhabi after years of working at high end Japanese restaurants in Dubai. If this means anything, then it means that the Chef at Kazu truly knows what he’s doing 🙂

DSC_0027editedYAS Viceroy

Al Fresco Dining at Kazu Japanese restaurant at YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi

On my last day, after checking out of the hotel, I gave Noodle Box a visit. I just couldn’t go back to Dubai without trying it. Especially since my Indonesian spa therapist recommended it to me. Plus, I couldn’t leave the hotel with only one dining experience. That’s not an option for a Saudi Diva!

I’m glad that I made that decision, as the soup and Dim Sums that I had were made to perfection. Noodle Box serves South East Asian cuisine in a casual and cool ambiance. I truly enjoyed my light lunch and the whole experience of dining there. The reason that I had soup and Dim Sums only was that I had a buffet breakfast earlier, so a light lunch was a good choice. I will definitely give Noodle Box another visit the next time I’m at YAS Viceroy. The restaurant has good views of the YAS Marina as well.

YAS Viceroy

Amazingly tasty Dim Sum varieties at Noodle Box at YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi

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I will end my YAS Viceroy hotel review by saying that I genuinely had a great time staying at this classy property.  When it was time for me to pay, I had to think twice if the amount was in UAE Dirhams or another currency! That’s how different and original the property is. I can’t recommend it enough – it truly is worth a visit.

I spent the last hours of my staycation at my room’s balcony – reading a book. Those moments were so memorable to me, since the whole ambiance at the balcony was surreal. It was quiet, perfect weather, YAS Marina view, clouds in the sky with some sunshine, and pure bliss. I doubt that anyone would want those kind of memories to end.

When it was time for me to check-out and leave the room, I had to literally drag myself out of the room and that magical place. It was indeed a tough call to make.

But, hopefully I will be back. I plan to visit YAS Viceroy in April of next year. When it’s perfect beach weather. So I can take the shuttle bus to YAS beach. That way, I can enjoy the serenity of the hotel room’s balcony and quiet (adults only) pool, and the peacefulness of the beach and its surroundings.

YAS Viceroy

YAS Marina view at YAS Viceroy Abu Dhabi

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