Spa Day: CHI Spa at the Shangri-La Dubai Review

Shangri-La Dubai

The plunge pool at Chi Spa, Shangri-La Dubai

I mentioned attending a Lifestyle Design workshop in Abu Dhabi in my last post. It was very interesting to meet like-minded people who share your thoughts and life goals. It was a ladies only full-day Masterclass workshop. All of us shared a love for life and spiritual enlightenment. Most of all, we felt like we needed to make a change to our lives or lifestyles.

My Chi Journey

Would you like to stay updated with similar workshops and events? If so, you can subscribe to My Chi Journey‘s newsletter. You can also follow them on social media. The group is very relevant to all of us. These days, everyone is longing to live a more vivid and free lifestyle. A lifestyle that allows us to do what we love most. What we are mostly passionate about. Also, while having the freedom to work flexible and customized hours.

My Lightbulb Moment

My light bulb moment came during the exciting day. A workshop participant from Abu Dhabi stated she was familiar with my blog! Another lady who was attending the workshop from Dubai told me that this is a clear sign that my blog is successful and a validation for me. Being into spirituality herself, she believed that I got the affirmation that I was looking for and that it’s an evident sign that I should continue with this journey.

After a busy and productive month (I started an internship in January and attended two workshops), a rejuvenating spa treatment was well-deserved. Having tried the Chi Spa at the Shangri-La in Abu Dhabi  I thought to give their Dubai spa a try for my next spa review. And I’m glad that I did, only for the treatment standard though.

Spa Facility Issues

  • The private plunge pools at the spa’s wet room facility don’t have water jets in them. So, they don’t have the same effect as a Jacuzzi. The water in them is still.
  • The water temperature at the 39-degree plunge pool was not warm enough. It definitely didn’t feel like 39 degrees in there. It was much cooler than that.
  • The plunge pool that I tried (39-degree one) wasn’t very clean. There were dirt grains that you could feel while sat there. So obviously it wasn’t maintained at high hygiene standards.
  • My therapist comes to me as I lay in the plunge pool to ask me if it was OK that she starts my treatment later than the set time. When I asked her for how long that will be, she replied that it would take 10 to fifteen minutes. This was a first for me at any spa.
  • There was no disposable underwear in the spa’s locker room. I had to ask a therapist for one, which she got from behind a counter in the spa’s ladies changing room. Very bizarre to not have it in the locker room.

More Spa Facility Issues

  • I had to make several trips to the main spa reception (which is for both men and women) in my bath robe to ask about the water jets in the plunge pools and when my therapist would be ready to start with my treatment. This was mainly because at those times, there was no one from the spa staff in the ladies changing room to assist. So, the only way that I could get help was to head out to the main reception in my bath robe and swim suit or disposable underwear only 🙂
  • When I called to book my appointment, the person in charge didn’t inform me of the hot stone massage when I asked about the types of strong massage available. I now realized that the spa menu is on the website. But the spa staff should be well-trained to answer phone queries better.
  • There was a confusion in the treatment price as well. I was given an incorrect rate on the phone. Later, I found out at the spa reception that the weekend rates are higher. This meant that my AED 450 massage treatment is AED 470 on a Friday. Interesting.
  • Another interesting point worth mentioning is the fact that they charge AED 220 for using the hotel’s pool. I wasn’t planning to use it, but the receptionist thought that this was what I meant when I asked about the plunge pools.
  • In the end, I was charged AED 360 only, since I had an HSBC card and they give a 20% discount for that. Hilarious – I only found out at the time of payment.

Now that we covered the negative aspects of my Shangri-La Dubai spa visit, let’s look at the pros of this spacious spa and health club.

Spa and Health Club Pros

My Thai therapist, Alice, was extremely professional. I opted for a one-hour deep-tissue massage treatment and had requested for a strong pressure to release the knots and muscle tension in my back and shoulders. Alice used cardamom oil all over my body and did the massage in a medium to hard pressure, while helping me relax at the same time. She started with a dry Thai massage to help warm the body before proceeding with the deep-tissue oil massage. Using her elbows, knuckles and finger tips, she managed to release some of the tension from my cramped back and shoulders. Not an easy task if you ask me.

The spa menu includes a hot stone massage and a hot lava stone massage. Both seem very interesting and I will definitely make another trip to give them a try.

For your information, I didn’t end up attending the second workshop in Abu Dhabi – the relationship one. After a long day at the Lifestyle Design Masterclass, I decided to head back to Dubai and get ready for a new week at work. I was also informed by an attendant at the workshop that the organizer regularly hosts workshops. So I can always attend a future workshop when I don’t have another big thing on the same day.

Plus, career for me always comes before relationships. I guess it’s just the way that I’m built. I’m more career-oriented than I am relationship-focused. People will constantly walk in and out of your life. What matters is you. That’s the main player in your life and the only individual that matters the most. So take extra care of it and don’t allow anyone to lessen its value.

Shangri-La Dubai

Chi Spa at Shangri-La Dubai

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