Signs you’re about to Meet your Soulmate

One of the biggest love manifestation blocks is thinking that you want something when it’s not aligned with what you indeed are.

Let me explain with an example from my own life.

My family conditioning was all about hard work, success, career and making money. Because I was conditioned to think and live this way, I thought that my dream life included me being a coach or something like that.

After doing intense inner child therapy work (and other healing work), I realized that my true self isn’t a businesswoman or a life coach!

My true self is a creative, writer and a free-spirited personality. This is a stark contrast from what my family conditioned me to become. And this was one thing that was blocking my soulmate’s manifestation.

Getting clear about gender roles in the relationship

Another element that was standing in the way of manifesting my person is gender roles in a relationship. Because I thought I had to be career-oriented (my family conditioning) and financially independent, my dream life vision wasn’t aligned with my true, authentic self (who’s a homebody and a writer).

In essence, I encourage you to do the work to remove the layers of family and societal conditioning to get closer to who you are. Not who your family or society shaped you to be.

I recently got clarity about gender roles in my dream life. I realized that I love staying at home and taking care of things like groceries, cleaning, cooking and tidying up. Again, it’s the complete opposite of my family’s conditioning.

Signs you’re about to meet your soulmate.

When you’re getting close to manifesting your person, you start to see that dream life reflected in your reality. Let me share a story.

Last Thursday, I worked from a cafe I usually like to go to. For the first time in weeks, I saw two women sitting in front of me who seemed like housewives. They were discussing a project or business, but they were married and housewives.

I was excited and happy because this was a powerful sign that my manifestation was close! It’s now part of my reality!

The truth is that we’re all constantly manifesting our dream life. But if you’re not clear about that life or vision, you might miss out on the Universe’s spiritual signs.

Your manifestation is on its way to you. But if you’re unsure about what it looks like, you can’t notice the signs and celebrate the mini manifestations.

So I ask you: Are you clear about gender roles in your future, dream life? Do you prefer traditional or modern gender roles? How does your future self feel in the relationship? How does she spend her days? Is she living from her masculine or feminine energy?

Are you seeing signs about your soulmate’s life? If so, what are they? Let me know in the comments!

Signs you're about to Meet your Soulmate

signs you’re about to meet your soulmate

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