Shifting Perspectives: Why You Should Focus On What You Have

Happy new month and congratulations on surviving another wild and crazy Mercury Retrograde period!

The Retrograde post-shadow phase ended yesterday and I’m feeling so relieved and excited about what’s coming next!

I don’t know about you, but this last Retrograde was so intense, bringing all my old patterns to the surface for a good test!

The last time I wrote a Thursday Thoughts blog post was about how long it took me to heal my relationship with my dad.

If you’re struggling with the relationship of any of your parents, then it’s worth reading my story for some tips and inspiration.

Today’s post also relates to the steps to manifesting a healthy romantic relationship!

Why You Should Focus On What You Have

In June 2016, I saw a popular psychic medium who told me so many things that already came true.

Another major thing she told me in that accurate reading session was that she could feel that my energy was all about wanting.

Basically, she felt that I’m in the energy of need and strong wanting when it comes to manifesting a relationship.

And of course, this state is not what you want to embody when manifesting a partner because it pushes away your desire.

When living in a place of solid need and desperation, you signal to the Universe that you don’t have that desire.

And when you’re signalling that you don’t have it, you attract more of that lack of energy and stay stuck in wanting and desiring.

The way to go around this vicious cycle is to feel and live as if you already have your dream life and person.

This blog post explains what living in the end means when manifesting love and how to do it without pretending.

I know this sounds easier than done, but trust me, once you do the inner work to connect with your true self, it becomes effortless to live feeling fulfilled and happy.

Another tip to help you get into the state of having instead of wanting and desiring is to focus on gratitude.

Remember Gratitude

I have a really good recent story to share about gratitude.

I recently got infected with Covid for the second time since I got it in December 2020. At first, I thought it was just the flu because the symptoms were mild. Then, I lost my sense of taste, and that’s when I realized it was Covid!

Being a real hippie, I didn’t even go for a test, and I just self-isolated for a couple of days and kept taking vitamins.

What happened in those ten days or more that I couldn’t taste food was powerful!

I stopped wanting anything other than to get my sense of taste back! Being in a healthy and loving relationship becomes the least of my concerns because as a foodie, I only wanted to enjoy food and taste coffee again!

Today, I feel like I’m almost fully recovered and can taste food again. And guess what? I’m so happy about the experience because it helped me shift my perspective on life.

Now, all I want from life is to stay healthy and enjoy food! I’m a huge foodie and spend a lot of time thinking about food, planning meals, checking recipes, writing grocery lists and having snacks or coffee.

Embody the Energy You Want Right Now

So to have this scary experience of not being able to taste food again was all I needed to stop wanting and desiring a relationship!

Instead of focusing on manifesting my person, I want to stay healthy and have all my senses!

I no longer feel like there’s something missing in my life. Because all I wanted was to get my sense of taste back, and I finally did.

Who would’ve thought that my second Covid experience was what my soul needed to shift my energy from wanting and desiring to feeling fulfilled and content?

I shared today’s story to inspire you to focus on feeling grateful for everything you have.

Instead of feeling like you’re missing a relationship or a partner’s love, see how you can embody that energy in your life now.

That’s it for today, and I wish you a lovely weekend!



Focus on gratitude when manifesting

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