Shawarma Grill House: Street Food in Dubai Review

Shawarma Grill House

I’m loving the hot pink vibes supporting breast cancer awareness month. As I type this post, I take pictures of my nails and the computer screen. The hot pink elements are just too good to dismiss 🙂
Growing up in the Gulf region, Shawarma and falafel were a big part of my childhood. When you are older though, you become more picky with your eating and health choices.

Shawarma Grill House

I would say that despite all the street food outlets scattered all over the city, only a few spots make the meal worthwhile. Shawarma Grill House is one of them.
The reason is simple: they use fresh, high quality ingredients in preparing their dishes and wraps.
The beef used for the Shawarmas and the grills is hormone-free and grass-fed. Theychill both meats instead of freezing and the chicken is organic.
My videographer tried the beef Shawarma and said that it didn’t taste like your typical Lebanese or Middle-eastern Shawarma. The restaurant supervisor told me this is because the beef is marinated for 24 hours in 15 different spices.

The falafel platter – a great choice

Being a huge falafel fan, I went for the falafel platter. This comes with hummus, pickles, tahini and an addictive spicy harrisa sauce. What makes the falafel at Shawarma Grill House unique is they only use chickpeas and coriander. Each falafel piece was a vibrant green color.
The urban street food eatery is a homegrown concept. It’s owned by locals and has been open for a year now. They are conveniently located on Jumeirah Beach Road, which makes eating there less guilty. You can always burn the calories with a walk at the beach or even a swim in the ocean!
Don’t forget to end your meal with their coffee and ice cream. In fact, the coffee at this cozy and warm space was as good as the meal. They even serve it in special insulated glasses which keep it warm for the longest time.

Wear pink for a free pick cappuccino

Throughout the month of October, wear pink and get a free pick cappuccino with your meal. This is a must not only for the great Instagram opportunity but also because the coffee is of great quality and is not to be missed!
The vibes at this street food spot were so relaxed, friendly and positive. Everyone was extremely nice and accommodating. It felt as if we’ve escaped the stressful and fast-paced city life and entered a new happy place which we could call our home 🙂

Source: Saudi Feed

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