Saudi Women Drivers: #SaudiWomenCanDrive

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It was a relaxed Tuesday evening. I was catching up with some friends at the M&S Cafe in Dubai Marina Walk. Being Saudi, I was explaining my old lifestyle while growing up in Saudi. We were all discussing the rules and the restrictions of the country.

Discussions on Saudi Arabia

We spent three hours at the cafe talking about various topics revolving around Saudi Arabia. This included the Gulf region and the impact that the rules and social structure have on people living there.
As soon as I got back to my apartment, I received a text message from one of the ladies. She told me about the King’s decree to allow Saudi women to drive. Of course, being a Saudi woman who has lived in the country until I was 29 years old, this piece of news sounded so unbelievable!

Saudi Women Drivers

The fact is, I’m not a strong advocate of Saudi women driving. Learn about that here. However, the big announcement reflected a historic moment for anyone who has lived in that country or experienced the negative consequences of having to rely on a male member or a driver to take you from one place to another.
The announcement was made at the United Nations by Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative. It states that women in Saudi Arabia will be able to drive from June 2018, in line with a royal decree issued by the country’s King Salman.

A Truly Historic Moment for Saudi Women

To be honest, seeing the Twitter handle of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweet the words: “Saudi Arabia allows women to drive” still seems so unreal.
Being a Saudi Arabian woman who lived there until the summer of 2009, I must admit that this is truly a historic moment for Saudi women. It reflects a deep change in society and the country’s rules.
I like to think the three-hour conversation I had with three strong, intellectual and wise women somehow manifested this change. 🙂 I believe in the power of people to move mountains and create positive growth and evolution.

Source: Saudi Feed

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