Saudi Diva Exclusive: Anatara Kalutara Resort Review – Part 2


Tying my prayer pouch at the renowned Kalutara Bodhiya

Anantara Kalutara Resort

In the previous post, I reviewed the new Anantara Kalutara Resort.  I highlighted some of the activities and water sports available at the property. I also mentioned how emotional and attached I got to the resort and the lovely town it’s located in. But I want to first tell you about other unique activities that can be done when staying at this magical place.


Kalutara, Sri Lanka is an ideal place to connect with nature, your spiritual side and the things that matter the most

Anantara Kalutara’s spa

You simply can’t visit Sri Lanka and not try the renowned Ayurvedic treatment. Luckily, Anantara Kalutara‘s spa had a very experienced Ayurvedic therapist. At first, the therapist helps you choose the treatment that best suits your needs. I explained to him my constant anxiety and stress. I wanted a treatment to specifically target those symptoms. Pradeep immediately recommended the 90-minute Shirodhara treatment. It includes a full body and head massage as well as the main Ayurvedic oil-dripping method. Warm oil (specific to your case) is dripped on the forehead using a special machine. The oil is meant to target the third eye. It helps relieve all toxins and stress from the body. Post the treatment, you are back to your natural state like a new born 🙂


Feeling like a new born after my Shirodhara treatment at Anantara Kalutara Resort

Exciting Excursions

The resort offers guests a wide range of excursions in Kalutara and other Sri Lankan towns. These include visits to these great places:

  • Tea plantations
  • Yala National Park
  • The Turtle Hatchery
  • The Spice Garden
  • Colombo City Tour
  • A Historical Tour of Galle

Despite all these interesting places, all I wanted to do was to try out new water sports and pray at the local temple!

As I visited the resort before going on a New Year’s manifestation-focused retreat, I felt that I should make the most of this time of year. There’s a famous Buddhist temple just minutes away from the hotel by car.

The Kalutara Bodhiya is a renowned and historical temple, where locals visit regularly and during special ceremonies to present flowers and offerings to Buddha and to pray for blessings and peace. In fact, the temple is so full of positive energy and spiritual vibes that even at night, there are birds chirping at its signature, old Bodhi tree. I truly loved being at the Bodhiya and immersing in its peaceful and spiritual ambiance that I made two visits, one in the day and the other on my last evening at the resort.


Tying my prayer pouch at the renowned Kalutara Bodhiya



“In the infinity of life where I am, I am whole and complete and I love my self.”

Lovers Bridge

On my way to the Buddhist temple, I saw this long wooden bridge by the Kalu Ganga River and I wanted to explore. I have a picture on my Instagram walking on that bridge. But what’s interesting is that it’s a very old bridge with missing planks. It’s also known as the ‘lovers’ bridge, as there are so many names engraved on the wood and I saw many lovers walking hand in hand at many occasions. To me, this was an opportunity for me to face my fears and to walk on that bridge (the hotel driver didn’t want to walk for long as he was a bit obese and was worried that we would fall down into the river!).

I did get another opportunity to face my fears and let go of some of my limiting beliefs when I walked on the rails of a train as it was approaching. The whole experience that day was like a movie scene from the ’70s but it was so worth the adventure!


The Kalutara railway tracks were the perfect setting for letting go of some of my limiting beliefs!



There’s something interesting in every direction of Kalutara town!

In the next post, I’ll be telling you all about my New Year’s Eve retreat with My Chi Journey and how I managed to let go of so many old habits and belief systems to make space for growth and improvement!

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