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This Full Moon in Pisces is making me so emotional. Like with each Full Moon, bad memories from the past (that I didn’t process) and voices of my parents show up. But this time, I also experienced a release in the form of crying after I remembered something from my childhood.

This was triggered when I was at a Starbucks store in the morning and I saw a mother with her one year-old daughter. The daughter was so active and feisty. And since the Starbucks had two floors, she kept going down and up the stairs and the mother would simply follow her. It was so beautiful to watch how real parenthood looks like: letting the child be.

The little girl is already charismatic and adorable. And that’s what each one of us was at some point – before we were conditioned to behave, speak and act in a certain way.

I was crying at night because I still grieve a childhood that I never experienced in a healthy way. I also grieve the fact that nothing can be done about it and nothing can be reversed. The only thing that I can do is accept that I didn’t have a positive or healthy upbringing. And of course do the deep inner work to heal. But what’s done is done and can never be reversed.

I just wish all parents would be like that mother who I witnessed at the cafe. She was so patient and loving with her daughter and allowed her to do anything that she wanted to do as long as she was safe. She truly was the epitome of motherhood and love.

That’s exactly how children should be raised to grow up to be emotionally healthy adults who will lead beautiful lives.

How are you feeling this Full Moon? It’s intense and Mercury Retrograde starts soon too.

Sometimes Good Things End to Make Way for Better Ones

I shared in previous posts about my previous vegan meal plan and how they suddenly stopped their operations.

After about three months of making my own meals, I felt depleted. And that’s when I discovered a new vegan meal plan.

What’s interesting is that they launched about a year ago. So I discovered them at the right time when my previous meal plan delivery service ended.

If you feel like you lost something good, trust that it’s because you need to have space for something better to take its place.

I say this because the new meal plan company is calorie-counted, organized, friendly service and their food is so authentic and tasty. I feel transported to Asia when I have their Asian dishes. They also deliver on time and follow safety and hygiene measures.

Basically, I feel so grateful now that my old meal plan company discontinued their services. Because if they didn’t, I would still be signed up with them. And although their meals were good, there were many other issues with their organization and timing.

I’m the type who likes consistency, so if I like a certain company or service provider, I stay loyal to them till the end.

But sometimes, the Universe has something better in store for us. And that’s when I encourage you to trust the process and allow life to unfold naturally.

This applies to finding love too. Although I believe in taking inspired action to manifest love, I also feel like things will unfold naturally and that we must create space for the series of synchronicities.

Do you feel like you try to control every aspect of your life including love? I can tell you that you can’t control when you will manifest love. I know because I tried and I failed. The only way to manifest it is to let go of control and just surrender.

Show Yourself More Love

I know that you hear this advice almost everywhere. That you have to love yourself before you can manifest love. But are you really following it in your daily life?

A friend once asked me what it really means to love yourself. I shared with her different ways and I guess it depends on where you are in life.

For me, loving myself has a lot to do with setting strong boundaries and cutting toxic friends – and people – out of my life. This is mainly because I grew up with no or weak boundaries. Long story that I don’t need to go through now.

Other ways to love yourself can be through self-care: being active, eating healthier, doing self-care rituals, prioritizing your own mental and emotional health, surrounding yourself with kind and supportive people.

I still remember when that friend was in town last year in the winter. We met for a late brunch – around mid-day I think – and she mentioned that she didn’t eat anything since the previous day. And I think she did a dance cardio workout in the previous day.

That’s a simple example of how someone is still not loving themselves or treating themselves right. The truth is that the person you manifest can only treat you as good as you treat yourself.

Another thing that you could be doing is skipping meals or prioritizing work over nourishing your body.

Or maybe you eat food that’s not necessarily healthy or nutritious. You can start by making gradual changes to that.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect. Because I don’t exercise or invest in being active regularly. I integrate walking in my days and I watch my calories but that’s not enough.

So try to make changes that you’re ready for and don’t be hard on yourself.

I’m now ready to add one dance cardio session a week to my schedule. So start small and be gentle with yourself.

I also don’t do any intense workouts during the Full Moon week. These days are so draining for me and it’s best to take things easy.

Let me know if you have any topic suggestions for the next ‘Wellness Wednesday’ blog post!


show yourself more love

show yourself more love: What is self-love?

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