Post Healing: You Attract Kindness Everywhere you Go!

Last week, I wrote a blog post about the stages of transformation or healing. And how real transformation might require changing careers, cutting off old friends and even moving countries.

If you’re still working on yourself and are feeling confused or frustrated, I write this blog post to re-assure you that all the work you do will pay off in the end.

Although healing is messy and has its highs and lows, the rewards are totally worth the effort. After about six years of spiritual growth and healing work, I feel like I’m finally at a really good place. I wanted to share with you how it feels to be at the other end of a deep healing journey.

Of course, healing and self improvement work is endless. But I can tell you that your reality will shift when you’re at a different vibration. So until this happens, keep doing the work.

What things were like in the past

When you are raised with toxicity, you continue to attract negative and toxic people and experiences for a really long time. And until you do the deep healing work, these bad experiences will keep recurring in your life.

To end this vicious cycle, you have to set a clear intention for healing and growth. Then, the Universe will guide you to the best resources, people or healing modalities to support your journey.

I still remember attracting unusual circumstances and disrespectful/abusive people whenever I was out and about. This was a recurring theme in my life and it was really painful.

Fast forward to today, I now attract nothing but respect and kindness everywhere I go.

What I attract these days

These days, I naturally attract respectful and kind people wherever I go. My days flow with so much ease and grace.

Apart from attracting high quality people and situations that feel aligned, I also find it easy to say no to places and people that feel misaligned.

My upcoming ebook talks about this topic in detail. I also share a complete step-by-step guide to how I healed my past wounds and raised my vibration.

I wanted to give a simple example from this morning. Since I was going to the post office in a certain neighborhood to collect my dad’s ID card, I decided to pass by somewhere for breakfast and coffee.

The cafe is only two months old and it has a bohemian vibe and interiors to it. Not only did the vibe and feel of the place remind me of island life in Bali, but the staff were also so friendly, open and attentive.

This experience made me feel that where you are doesn’t matter as much as who you’re being. 

I felt that as long as I was feeling good, vibrating high and being the new me, then everything unfolds just perfectly.

It truly feels good to live in alignment with my true self and to attract differently. No matter where I am.

I’m keeping this blog post short. But let me know what other topics you would like to see as Thursday Thoughts blog posts?

Happy Weekend!


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Attract kindness: Post healing vibes


Attract Kindness

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