Pissouri Bay in Cyprus – Perfect Destination for Escaping it All

We’re in the full moon energy, so I’ll keep this blog post short. If you’re experiencing strange things or feeling down and confused for no reason, know that it’s simply the full moon energy. We’re all clearing out old energy to make space for new, beautiful things and experiences to enter our lives.

In the latest Travel Tuesday blog post, I shared my thoughts and feelings about Cyprus’s capital city – Nicosia. You can read that story here if you’re interested.

Pissouri Bay in Cyprus

My last town in Cyprus – Pissouri – is a small, coastal village where many British retirees and ex-army veterans live.

When I booked the Small Luxury Hotels Columbia Beach Resort there, I had no idea that I’ll be ending my month-long trip with a spiritual breakthrough that forever changes my perspective on solo travel.

I shared in detail about my spiritual breakthrough story in this blog post. The last ten days of my trip were so profound that I decided that I don’t want to travel solo anymore. Of course, since I love travel and am still single, this is not happening anytime soon!

Today, I’ll share about Pissouri for people who are thinking to visit this little village in Southern Cyprus.

The village is located between Limassol and Paphos (the two other major cities in Cyprus). Because many people told me that Limassol is the most cosmopolitan city in the island, I was planning to visit but I never did.

Make Sure your Check Your Location

If you’re staying in Pissouri, then you’re pretty much isolated from the lively towns or cities. Limassol is a forty-minute car ride and that’s one reason that I didn’t end up going there but not the only one.

The luxury resort where I stayed was in the Pissouri Bay area – literally facing the ocean. It was too cold for a swim, although a few people were swimming on some days and times. I’m grateful that the weather was sunny and the temperatures were mild throughout my ten days. It only started raining heavily on my last day and then the weather got really bad right after I left!

On my first day at the hotel, I asked about getting to the village or main square. And because you have to take a taxi to even get to the village, I ended up never going there!

It was actually more complicated than that. I got sick with a cold and because all the distractions were gone, I was faced with my painful emotions about being single.

So all I did was go for nice beach walks in the morning and afternoon. When a cafe with friendly owners was still open, I went there for a cup of Bailey’s right before sunset. It was the most challenging getaway I ever experienced.

A Winter Destination?

What you need to know is that Pissouri is not a winter destination. All the restaurants and food establishments close during the winter season and re-open sometime in late February or early March.

I’m glad that I managed to eat at once nice, Cypriot restaurant on their last day before closing for the season. Everything else was either really bad or completely shut down for the season.

In the last two days, I simply got a sandwich from the mini mart for lunch. It was very depressing for a foodie and especially when on vacation!

Those ten days at Pissouri Bay are forever imprinted on my heart and mind. I will never forget how I felt being single in that resort, town and country. It was so profound and I can’t erase it from my memory.

You can read this blog post and this one to understand the spiritual side of the story.

A Perfect Escape

If you’re someone who’s looking to escape from everything and everyone, then Pissouri is definitely a great choice!

Make a trip in the winter season and see what stuff that you’ve been suppressing show up for you – you’ll be surprised!

Although my trip to Cyprus had many positives, I truly feel that the negatives outweigh the pros. I feel disappointed because I had high expectations for this island and I’ve been wanting to visit for decades. It was always a bucket list destination of mine.

Was it good to be out of the UAE for a month and to explore a new country? For sure!

Was Cyprus a good idea for a winter destination in the middle of the Christmas/New Year season? Yes, definitely!

Would I go back or consider visiting the island again? The answer would be a big No.

It’s a sad realization, especially since I booked my Cyprus tickets and hotels way in advance. And I was really looking forward to it.

I still don’t understand how a beautiful island can be so disappointing in so many aspects? I guess you have to visit for yourself to understand what I mean.

I’ll end my Travel Tuesday blog post with a few pictures that I took from Pissouri Bay. You might even be able to feel the sad energy if you’re an empath and an intuitive person like me! Profound, sad and life-changing. Never again.


Pissouri Bay, Cyprus


Pissouri Bay in Cyprus

Pissouri Bay in Cyprus


Pissouri Bay, Cyprus


Pissouri Bay in Cyprus

Pissouri Bay in Cyprus


Pissouri Bay, Cyprus


Pissouri Bay, Cyprus


Pissouri Bay, Cyprus


Pissouri Bay, Cyprus

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  • While it looks nice I’m kind of glad that we skipped it. It looks like a hassle to get to by public transport.

    • Saudi Diva says:

      Yes it is! It’s also very remote and there was barely anything to do in the winter season. It was where I had a spiritual breakthrough about my single life.

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