Personal Development Tip: You’re not a Victim of your Situation!

Today’s personal development tip is inspired by my day. I wanted to share a glimpse of how my life isn’t perfect. It’s all about mindset.

These days, it’s too hot to walk to the same store where I used to get groceries in the winter.

And I don’t drive because I choose to not to.

So, I now go to another store in a different area. Although I actually have a grocery store near my place but it’s where I used to go for a long time. And since then, I shifted my old identity and self. So I avoid that store because it reminds me of the old me.

I actually haven’t stepped into that store – a minute’s walk from my building – since the start of the pandemic.

So I now take a cab to another area and because I liked to walk around, I sat at a cafe and then I walked outside for a few minutes to get to the other side of a building. Since I grew up in this region, my heat tolerance level is pretty high.

But because Dubai cab drivers are bad-mannered, I’m now considering taking the tram and monorail to that area instead.

Although I’ve been living in Dubai since 2010, I actually enjoy exploring new areas and finding new ways to get around town!

It’s all part of life and life’s experiences.

Of course, there are times when I get frustrated from a cab driver’s bad behavior or someone at the store being impatient.

But I keep practicing what I teach and I focus on my own energy as much as I can.

How can you Change your Perspective

The personal development tip that I’m sharing relates to every area of your life. Whether in dating or in daily life, it’s so important to stay solution-focused.

The story that I shared from today is a good example.

I mentioned how my situation is not perfect. How the cab drivers can be really annoying at times. How I sometimes have no choice but to walk in 40-plus degree heat.

What I do to get around the victim mindset is to lean into being a creator of my own reality and life.

I choose independence and freedom. I’m nomadic and so this life actually works for me best.

When someone’s energy is negative, I simply let it go and I understand that they’re just projecting their own programs and beliefs.

Their bad habits or behaviors have nothing to do with me. So I let it go.

And when a challenging situation comes up, I focus my attention on the solution and the learning lesson.

Let me explain how this applies to walking in the heat.

Because the cafe where I was sitting was freezing, I actually enjoyed walking in 40-degree temperatures after that.

It was a nice walk in a park and I love that I got to integrate some kind of activity into my day.

I also look forward to figuring out how to get to that neighborhood by tram and monorail next week.

So there’s always something to learn, to get excited about, to do something new.

It’s all about constant movement even when things are not perfect.

Life is constantly moving and changing. So if you’re feeling stuck or like you’re a victim, then one you shift your perspective, life starts to work out for you. You will receive guidance and clues on what you can do next.

Just focus on the solution and more solutions will show up!

If you choose to stay stuck and stagnant, then your reality will reflect exactly that.

You will continue to attract experiences that reflect that feeling of victimhood and feeling stuck.

That’s a law of attraction principle. Like energy attracts like.

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