NLP Reframing: the Only Mindset Shift you Need to Apply in your Daily Life

Today, I decided to work from home. It’s because I was working from cafes since Sunday and I want to clean my balcony this afternoon.

Since life isn’t perfect, the new neighbors are getting work done at their apartment and there’s noise since around 8:30 am!

I already decided that I want to work from home today and so I’m just playing music while I work on my laptop to help with the noise situation.

What’s interesting is that I was planning to write a blog post about an NLP concept and link it to the noisy neighbors.

I basically have new neighbors and although it’s only been about three weeks since they moved in, I already feel irritated by their presence.

First, they slam the door every time they leave or go into their apartment. Then, I heard the woman screaming and throwing stuff a couple of times at different times of the day.

They also have a baby but that’s the least noisy source coming from their place! The baby barely makes any noise – it’s all the other people and adults who are staying there.

NLP Concept: Reframing

As a certified NLP life coach, reframing is one of the most powerful concepts that I teach in my coaching practice.

Because we can’t control everything in life, this valuable concept helps you navigate the challenging and difficult situations that you might face in your daily life.

Let me explain with the noisy neighbors example.

I’m actually grateful that I spent the past fifteen months working from home. Since early March of 2020, I’ve been working from home and loving it. I had civilized and respectful neighbors during that time. They were so quiet that even when they moved out, they didn’t make any noise! very decent and kind people.

Working from home was the best option for me in those days. Mainly because I was still processing inner child therapy work. So I needed the space, peace and quiet of being at home for most of the time.

Now that I’m done processing the inner child work that I did in end of October 2019 (yes that’s how intense it was), I’m ready to spend more time outside and working from cafes.

So these days, I don’t mind going to certain cafes and working on my laptop from them.

It actually feels good to be out and about and to explore new spots.

Working from cafes also gives me an opportunity to be active and move my body. I intentionally take the tram and metro whenever I can to get some walking into my day while I’m out and about. It feels really good and I love my new lifestyle.

When manifesting something big like a partner, you want to raise your vibration so you can attract synchronicities and clues.

Working from cafes and being out and about helps me do exactly that. It allows me to live from a place of flow and alignment.

If you still haven’t read my latest Manifestation Monday blog post, then go here and read it. I share a powerful synchronicity that happened while I was working from a Starbucks that I almost never go to. It’s a really powerful synchronicity story that you don’t want to miss out on reading!

And that was the NLP concept of reframing. I basically took a negative and annoying situation (the noisy neighbors) and I looked at it from a fresh, new perspective and gave it a new, positive meaning.

The Universe is actually pushing me to step out of my apartment and to be out and about. This is mainly because I was living in hermit mode for the past fifteen months or so!

There’s a message for you in each negative or challenging situation you face. A learning lesson. A growth opportunity.

So stop focusing on the problem or issue (noisy and frustrating neighbors) and focus on the positive aspect or message (I need to step outside and be more open to life).

If anyone knows what it feels like to live in survival mode and to hide from life, then it’s me.

So let me know how I can help you get out of survival mode and step into thriving and creating your dream life.

My one-on-one coaching for July is now open. Feel free to ask any questions or book on this page. I look forward to supporting you and helping your thrive and manifest your dream life and partner!

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