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Saudi Diva re-launching soon with a new concept!

Hello Hello 🙂

Despite my brief disappearance, I’m excited to announce that I’m currently working on re-branding Saudi Diva and the new design will be updated soon.

The New Blog

The new blog will have a unique concept and will share exclusive and insightful cultural and social stories.

The original content will cover personal stories and reflections from being a Saudi woman. In addition to highlighting the struggles, challenges and rewards of being a free-thinking Saudi woman.

Get ready for distinctive, inspirational, moving, thought-provoking and empowering stories from Saudi Arabia, the Arab region and the rest of the world!

Life Coaching Services

You’ll also be pleased to hear that I’ll be offering exclusive life coaching services. These are some of the benefits of life coaching with me.

I can help you create a new magical reality and:

Clear limiting beliefs which are holding you back

Release unprocessed negative emotions

Create a morning ritual which is aligned with your life purpose

Discover your soul essence and life purpose

Live to your highest potential and in alignment with your goals

Experience flow and abundance in your daily life

Change your life and manifest your deepest heart’s desires

Attract positive situations and individuals into your life

Achieve your goals and aspirations with ease and flow

Thrive and lead a peaceful, joyous and inspiring life

Build yourself up after any kind of adversity and challenge

Still Not Sure?

Still not sure whether you need a life coach?

Here are a few reasons why your life will change by getting in touch with me:

I managed to successfully create a new, positive reality for myself by following my own Coaching and Healing tools and methods.

Coming from an Arab background, I’m an expert in Arab and particularly Saudi culture, society and conditioning. Whether you are in the Arab region, or anywhere else in the world, I can help. 

Saudi Diva signing off XXX

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  • kevin says:

    Great to have you back Saudi Diva. Looking forward to more of your wonderful, thought provoking and insightful blogs.

    • Nada says:

      Thank you Kevin! I’m sure you will find the new stories more interesting, insightful and thought provoking. Looking forward to reading your wise and intelligent comments on the new posts 🙂

  • Hafeez says:

    Eagerly waiting for your updates. Always curious to learn many things from your post. Also, now i am living in KSA, i can relate to many things with your posts

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