Joy and Positivity: Smoothie Bowls at Nalu Bowls Bali

Nalu Bowls Bali

In my last Lifestyle Sunday post, I wrote about my favorite Ubud lunch spot, KAFE. It’s still Saturday, but I decided to write and publish this week’s lifestyle post about Nalu Bowls Bali. This is because I’m spending the whole day tomorrow creating impressive shots with a talented photographer.

Coffee Shop Paradise

Today, I write this post from Seminyak’s best specialty coffee shop, Revolver Espresso. I’m so glad to be back to this bustling and busy town after a six-month break. I’m even more happy to return to my regular spots and see that they haven’t changed a bit!
If you missed my post about what to do and where to eat and drink in Seminyak, then you can still read it here. It’s an old post from my last trip in May, but the recommended spots are still as good as they were when I left them.

Jogging on the Beach

This morning, after my energizing and rejuvenating jog at Batu Belig Beach in Seminyak, I went for a smoothie break at Warung Cantina. It’s featured in this post. I was thrilled to see the same friendly faces I remember from my last visit to this cozy, beachside Warung.
In addition to finally integrating some consistency into my daily routine on the island, I’m grateful for the blessing of healing and being able to let go a little. Nothing in particular happened that made me say this. It’s simply a general feeling of an enhanced wellbeing state and a more positive outlook on life.
This is how today’s jog left me feeling: a strong sense of relief, joy, lightness and being able to connect with others in a positive, healthy way.
Now to the main topic of today’s post. This is my recommendation for Bali’s top smoothie bowl shop and my personal favorite breakfast spot.

Breakfast at Nalu Bowls Bali

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. What’s better than indulging in a healthy smoothie bowl and watching the world go by before heading to the beach for a jog, a swim or a surf session!
Nalu Bowls Bali is located in Canggu right next to Dojo. You can take your laptop with you if working from a co-working space.
Some tips: try to get there early as the space is small. It can get very busy on mornings when everyone who lives around the area comes for their healthy bowl of goodness. Another tip is to top up your bowl with extra fruits or chia seeds. It’s more filling that way.
My personal favorite is the ‘Uluwatu’ bowl with extra mango, strawberries and chia seeds (pictured above). Simply divine.
It’s time for my second perfect cup of Revolver Espresso‘s soy chai latte with a little honey mixed in for some sweetness.
In the meantime, stay tuned for my all-new Instagram pictures.

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