Moving to London: Connected or Detached (Part Five)

After a year of contemplating and reflecting on my life, career and values, I decided I would be moving to London for a foundation course in fashion and lifestyle journalism at London College of Fashion.

Moving to London

Moving to London was the first baby step in my career change journey. It was my big life-changing decision to leave home for good. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave everything behind and start a new life (without a clear direction in mind). All I knew back then was that I couldn’t tolerate my current life situation anymore. I had to leave for good and never look back.
Looking back now, I believe that this was the best decision of my entire life and I never regretted taking it for once! If you want to learn more about my story and my leap of faith, check My Story page.
My London days were extremely busy with studies as the one-year intensive course that I signed up for turned out to be, well, really intensive! It was a two-year course crammed into one and it was also equivalent to the UK A-levels! Things that I discovered once I got there and started the course!

London – A Busy Time

Because of the extended classes and the long London Underground commutes, there wasn’t much time left for any leisurely activities. The whole day was spent at the college campus in Shepard’s Bush. Classes lasted for a full day each single day. The commute was also very time-consuming as I lived in West Hampstead in North West London.
Then, there were the endless and extensive assignments that we had to submit.  The hours of library research that we had to invest in and the practical coursework took so much time and effort in and outside of class!
Basically, my LCF days didn’t leave much time for socializing, exploring the cultural city or making new friends. I did build a few good connections, one of which I’m still in touch with today.
But for the most part, the foundation course was too hectic. It wasn’t aligned with where I was in that stage of my life and it proved to be too fashion-focused for my interests and liking. I think it proved to be a huge commitment when all I wanted to do was find a good excuse to leave home for good.
In the next post, I will look back at my years in Dubai. I’ll start from 2010, when I first moved there. It will also be interesting to examine the
different social circles and connections made during those past seven years.

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