Moving to Dubai: Connected or Detached (Part Six)

After around eight months of living in London and taking the course with London College of Fashion, I decided I’d be moving to Dubai.

Moving to Dubai

Many people wonder why I chose Dubai to live.  The simple answer is that, having a Saudi passport doesn’t allow for much movement. So while I need a student or work visa to live almost anywhere in the world, my GCC status means that I can stay in the UAE or any other Gulf country without requiring a visa.
Since moving to Dubai in April 2010, I’ve been on an emotional and spiritual roller coaster ride. My first few years were spent focusing on career; interning at publishing houses and trying to get a job as a lifestyle journalist with a magazine.
In September of 2012, I started my first blog titled Undefined Declarations. It was more of a personal and lifestyle blog. A year later, I joined Murdoch University Dubai to take a journalism course. It was my second Bachelors degree.
After getting that degree, I went back to interning for free at Condé Nast Traveller Middle East. This time for six long months. I wanted to give it my best shot and see if it leads to any part time or permanent role. It didn’t but I wasn’t disappointed as I always enjoyed doing my own thing.

Saudi Diva Blog

My current blog is my main passion these days. I also plan to develop guide books and to write my book in addition to other projects. As for being a journalist, I think I managed to make the dream happen in a different way. So while I might not have managed to get a part time or full time role as a journalist, I still consider myself one because I self-publish and I’m good at it.
Dubai is a very cosmopolitan and transient city. Since moving here a little over seven years ago, I went from career-focused gal, to social butterfly and party girl, and most recently wellness and spirituality guru.
During each phase of my Dubai life, I’ve met and mixed with people from all walks of life and diverse cultures and backgrounds. I must admit that the experience has been both rewarding and draining at the same time.
I’m now more selective with whom I allow into my life. I try my best to surround myself with mostly positive and grounded individuals. I don’t want to get into details of that but let’s say that I’m at a much more content and peaceful state of mind.
In the guides which I will write and publish on the blog soon, you will discover exactly how I changed my life and myself to the better. Until then, stay positive and present in the moment.

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