Common Manifestation Mistake: Not Taking Action

Eclipse Ending

Wow, what an intense eclipse season! I’ve been having vivid dreams of people from the past, seeing people from the past and receiving messages from people from the past! It’s been a crazy and wild eclipse!

The good news is that it’s ending tonight and that eclipses are all about clearing the old energy to make space for the new. The bad news is that we’re in the Mercury Retrograde energy until April 25.

Whatever happens, try to stay grounded in the knowledge that this is all part of getting closer to manifesting your intentions. The old is clearing, and your body is purging.

Manifestation Mistake

One manifestation mistake was not taking action and instead relying on methods and techniques.

I will discuss this topic in more detail in my upcoming ebook. For now, let me explain what I mean.

When we first start applying the law of attraction to manifest a relationship, we get excited about the methods and spend a lot of time on the spiritual aspect of manifesting.

For a long time, I was guilty of making this mistake.

Embracing my feminine side meant letting things naturally progress. However, maintaining a balance between inspired action and trust seems to be a wise approach

Another reason I don’t regret how my manifestation journey panned out is that I had to build my self-worth before dating. I can tell you from my personal experience that if you start dating before you feel worthy and confident, you might have terrible dating experiences—and most likely zero successful ones.


The best approach is to focus on inner and healing work before you start dating. By doing this, you’ll improve your self-worth. When you return to dating, setting standards and boundaries will be easier.


The best approach is to focus on inner and healing work before you start dating. By doing this, you’ll improve your self-worth. When you return to dating, setting standards and boundaries will be easier.

You can read this blog post on the Soul Collective blog about this topic.

Why This Might Not Apply to Everyone

I genuinely believe that we each have our unique life path. While some people might meet their person in high school, others might have to date someone in their forties, fifties, or even sixties to find one.

I remember listening to podcasts on manifestation and spirituality in the past. The advice was that you should just relax and trust the process and divine timing. While this is partly right, inspired action is important and shouldn’t be dismissed.

I used to listen to an LOA podcast episode. It had two hosts who offered many tips on manifestation, focusing on spiritual growth and self-development. They gave a very misleading tip. One of the hosts claimed that when manifesting using the law of attraction, the choice to date or not is entirely yours. It’s up to you and no one else.

Looking back at that advice, I realize that it’s entirely wrong. When I chose not to date or take any action in my love life, nothing happened, and there were long periods of stagnation and feeling stuck.

I stopped using the only dating app I was on at the start of the pandemic. I used a matchmaking agency, but the matches were few and far apart, with long gaps between them. Reflecting on this, I now see that opting out of dating isn’t suitable for someone chronically single in their forties.

Although I don’t regret how my life path turned out, I strongly advise you to take inspired action and date if you manifest a relationship.

Another podcast show host (this was a very spiritual podcast) once said: “Relax. Get your teeth cleaned.”

Well, I’ve been getting my teeth cleaned regularly my entire life, and this is not helping me move forward with manifesting a romantic relationship!

I’m so grateful that I stopped listening to podcast shows a few years ago. The advice some of these people give is harmful!

So, if you’re chronically single and aren’t meeting men in real life or any other way, find a way that feels right for you and start dating. You can do this by signing up for a dating site, hiring a matchmaker, using a dating app you feel comfortable with, or going out to meet men in real life.

But please don’t just wait and do the manifestation methods because that’s not enough!

I’m going to end the blog post here. I wish you a smooth Mercury Retrograde phase!



manifestation mistake
manifestation mistake
manifestation mistake

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