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Anantara Dhigu Spa in the Maldives - a magical setting

Anantara Dhigu Spa in the Maldives – a magical setting

As promised in the previous post, I’ll be telling you all about my experience at the magical Anantara Dhigu Spa.

I’ve visited the spa on two occasions. The first time I was there, I had booked a ‘day and night’ promotion package treatment, which I found out about when I was at the bare foot cocktail beach party on my first day at the resort.

The treatment was for a 30-minute body scrub, followed by a one-hour full body massage. My therapist, Piwi was from Bali, Indonesia. She was very nice and did the treatment to very high standards and just as I asked.

First, a wonderful coconut and mint body scrub was used to exfoliate the skin. Piwi used gentle strokes as I had informed her of my sensitive skin. The scrub smelled so good – good enough to eat – and it was moisturizing with fine granules.

The result of the scrub is smooth, replenished and moisturized skin.

For the massage, coconut oil was used. I loved how Piwi did the massage with a deep pressure (just as I had requested), while at the same time, maintaining a very relaxing and gentle method. This made me doze off every now and then. Honestly, the treatment and massage were nothing but perfect.

What makes the Anantara Dhigu Spa worth a visit?

  • The therapists are at a very high level of professionalism. They are highly skilled and talented. And very friendly too.
  • The spa is located on a separate hut on the ocean. You cross a water bridge from the hotel island to get to the spa.
  • The setting of this spa is simply enchanting. You are surrounded by the endless blue Maldivian waters.
  • There’s an outdoor treatment room, surrounded by glass. If you get a treatment done at this room, you will feel as if you’re getting a massage right in the middle of the ocean. The experience is so surreal and unmatched by any other spa experience.
  • The spa has the standard facilities, like sauna, steam room, showers, hot and chilled outdoor pools. What’s unique about the pools, is that they are located outside with a view of the Maldivian ocean. I don’t think any words used would give the outdoor pools their share fare. As you sit in the hot water pool, and look out at the ocean, all your troubles seem to vanish as you take in the stunning ocean view.

Here are some photos of me in front of the Anantara Dhigu Spa:

Anantara Dhigu Spa - a piece of paradise in the middle of the ocean

Anantara Dhigu Spa – a piece of paradise in the middle of the ocean

The Pontoon station is on the way to Anantara Dhigu Spa

The Pontoon station is on the way to Anantara Dhigu Spa

Thankfully, the day that I had booked my first spa treatment for, turned out to be a windy, cloudy and rainy day. Perfect for a spa day.

Then, on another day when the weather was also cloudy and rainy, I decided to head to the spa again because I was very happy with my experience there. On that day, I booked a hot compression massage, where hot towels are placed on your body for a more effective and tension-releasing massage experience.

On that day, I had the pleasure of sitting in the outdoor hot pool as light showers went down the Maldivian skies! Now that was a moment that I will forever cherish 🙂 The crystal clear ocean waters, an outdoor hot Jacuzzi, beautiful skies, and light showers in the Maldives. Ahh, pure bliss 🙂

To see photos of me in the hot pool at Anantara Dhigu Spa, check out my Instagram profile: nadaalghowainim

Over-the water-bridge that takes you to Anantara Dhigu Spa Maldives

Over-the water-bridge that takes you to Anantara Dhigu Spa Maldives


Naladhu Maldives – another Anantara resort on the island – has great spa retreats and packages to choose from. There’s a half-day ocean retreat, which includes a gourmet cuisine menu created by the Chef at Anantara Naladhu resort. You can choose the spa package that best suits your pampering and relaxation needs. Couple treatment packages are also available.

The Anantara Dhigu Spa uses Elemis products, in addition to other well-known brands for their treatments.

I would highly recommend that you try a treatment at Anantara Dhigu Spa should you decide to stay at the resort. It’s the perfect escape from everything and truly a piece of heaven in the middle of the Maldivian ocean.

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