Living out of Fear Versus Trust – Which One do you Choose?

A quick story that happened yesterday.

I decided to have lunch at a hotel – which I don’t usually do – I just felt like treating myself to a good meal.

It was quiet as I was the only one at the restaurant. However, a couple came just as I was leaving.

There was only one – very anxious – waiter at the restaurant.

Every time I asked him a question about the menu, he replied very fast and in a haste. Totally disoriented and discombobulated.

I ordered a Ceasar salad and he left out the anchovies – thinking that I was vegan because I asked about the vegetarian/vegan menu. So I asked for anchovies and he brought them on the side.

I also ordered a pasta dish from the ‘very limited’ plant-based menu. It said creamy tagliatelle with garlic and roasted tomato sauce. I mainly chose it because I was avoiding another pasta dish with a butter sauce.

When the waiter brought the pasta, it was simply creamy with no tomato sauce whatsoever. When I asked him about it, he said that he asked the chef to make a creamy tagliatelle as per my choice.

After a brief conversation, he suggested that he brings me the tomato sauce on the side. Of course, this is not how you solve a creamy pasta problem but I agreed because I didn’t want to waste time or spend more time in the presence of someone who lives out of a fear energy.

I ended up adding the tomato sauce to my creamy tagliatelle which resulted in a pink sauce. It was OK because I didn’t eat pasta in ages and I didn’t finish the plate since it was a huge portion and I’m on a diet!

I left without any hard feelings and I even greeted the waiter on my way out and said: “see you.” in response to his: “see you.”

Living out of Fear Versus Trust

The reason that I don’t feel frustrated or angry at this waiter is because he can only live from his level of consciousness and that happens to be fear and anxiety.

He is basically worried that he will contract the Covid virus from restaurant guests. And that explains his hasty and quick responses and very discomposed behavior.

Instead of feeing annoyed at him, I actually feel compassion. He doesn’t know how to act and live from trust. His behavior is a reflection of his current state of consciousness and that’s OK.

We are all on separate life paths and journeys. And we can only work on ourselves and impact others along the way.

As someone who has been working from cafes for the past couple of months – since my new, noisy neighbors moved in – I can tell you that living out of trust feels good. I spend hours at Starbucks cafes now more than I ever did. I also got my first dose of vaccine and that’s another reason why I don’t give much attention to the virus.

The truth is, what you focus on, expands.

If you focus on the virus, catching it or falling sick, then you will attract more reasons to worry and live in fear.

And if you focus on health and wellbeing and live from energy of trust, you attract more of that beautiful energy of flow.

Self-reflection: Do you feel like you’ve been living from a place of fear and anxiety since the pandemic started? Do you feel like you’re evolving and growing each day? Are you now more trusting? Do you feel paranoid or do you continue to live a fulfilling life? Let me know in the comments!

Living Out of Fear

Living out of Fear

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