Ki. Massage Studio Review: Ashiatsu & Traditional Massage

Ki. Zen Design

We were having a fun night out dancing and laughing (as usual with my adorable friend Ceria) at La Favela in Seminyak, when someone recommended Ki. Massage Studio to me.

Ki. Massage Studio

I wasn’t planning on getting another massage during this trip. But, then I looked up the place. I felt that this person was sent to me by the Universe to tell me about this new specialist massage studio.
Ki. Massage Studio is not your average spa or massage place. Although they offer traditional Balinese massage, this is not what you want to go there for. Ashiatsu is the massage that you must not leave Seminyak without trying. It’s a Japanese massage style dating back to the twelfth century.
In this highly effective massage concept, bare feet are used to press on the body. This makes it perfect for strong massage lovers like myself! A combination of Swedish, Myofascial and compression massage techniques are used to improve circulation and stimulate the body’s meridians.

A True Healing Massage

As you can tell, Shiatsu massage is a healing massage method. It enhances the body’s energy channels and one’s well-being and mood. The pressure in this type of massage is quite strong and intense. So, it’s recommended that you book a 60-minute session for the first time and then try the 90-minute massage.
My therapist was called Rosa and she was impressed at how strong I am. She even mentioned it at some point during the massage! I guess it’s mainly because many clients might find the powerful barefoot techniques too intense! Not me! I love strong massages, the stronger the better.
On reflection, I wouldn’t have known about this uber cool and stylish massage spot if it weren’t for that guy I met at the club the night before. Mainly because they’ve been open for two and a half months only when I visited. So I’m giving you real insider knowledge and fresh Seminyak community news!

Visit Ki. Massage Studio

Ki Massage Studio is Indonesian-owned, is very clean and there’s an airy and spacious cafe next door where I will definitely chill the next time I visit this blissful massage studio.
This place is definitely worth making the trip down to Sunset Road Seminyak for as the experience is quite original and unlike any other spa that I’ve been to.
For more details, visit their web site or Facebook page.

Ki. Zen Design

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